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Invitation Cost Breakdown

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So now it is crunch time, there are less than 30 days until I say I do! The invites are out!

Invitation Cost Breakdown

I thought I would give you the complete invitation cost breakdown, on these bad boys. As you may remember the invitations cost $81.16. Postage to send 70 invites (including response postage) came to $73.50. We originally were going to print them ourselves but wound up having them done at our neighborhood Kinko’s which came to $76.64.  This would have been about $30 more, but the lady at Kinko’s printed them UPSIDE DOWN!!! As you may have guessed this caused a complete bridal breakdown (come on, I know we all have had one or two). Which was quite unfortunate because this breakdown happened on my G2B’s birthday. G2B calmed me down, and we decided to swing by Kinko’s before I flipped out on them over the phone. However, the invitations still worked upside down, I was quite worried because they have the decorative jacket and ribbon on one end. And I addressed them myself after brushing up on my non existent calligraphy skills.

So all in all the the invitations cost $231.30! Not too shabby when you divide it by 70, making them $3.30 each!

While we are on the subject of bridal breakdowns, let me explain another one of mine.  Recently I had purchased two ceramic garden stools for wedding décor. I had wrapped bubble wrap around one of them and had driven all over town afterward.  I was at my apartment and ran out quickly to get medicine and chicken noodle soup for an ailing G2B. And as I pulled into the parking lot, one stool crashed against the other.

Invitation Cost Breakdown
I stopped the car to assess the damage. It was a pretty clean break, but I was still pretty upset.  Not only had it cost $50 and not even made it out of my car in one piece, but I had just been home and should have put them away safely.  I put it in my storage room as soon as I got home and left it there for a few days until I had simmered down a bit.  Then G2B and I managed to glue it back together!

Invitation Cost Breakdown
And it is almost as good as new!  And the G2B saves the day again! I am so lucky to have him! Does your Groom help put out fires and calm you down when wedding planning gets crazy??

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