Invitations are Mailed

Now that the invitations are out, I can share them with you! They are one of my favorite details so far. We wanted to include the image of the armillary sphere on the invitation to tie together our location, and our history as a couple. It doesn't hurt that it looks really cool! Nate's brother did an excellent job of taking my inspiration photos and the classic vibe I was going for and translating them into this beautiful work of art. Not only did he design the invites, but he pressed and printed them himself.

To complete the package, I used some beautiful wedding invitation envelopes that I picked up on Freecycle last fall from a bride who had plenty of extras. We designed the invite to fit inside the free envelopes, which I hand-addressed and stamped with King and Queen of Hearts stamps to continue our subtle game-theme (remember our Scrabble Save-the-dates?).

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Just about every time someone posts about their invitations online, they have a gorgeous picture of their whole paper suite – they seem to have lots of different envelopes, papers, stamps, and fancy writing. They're beautiful, but not always cost-effective! We managed to save a ton of money by keeping our RSVP system entirely via the internet/phone, which allowed us to forgo reply cards, envelopes and stamps. By only printing one single flat card, we also avoided any cutting, folding, gluing, tying, or other time-consuming projects, which allowed us to simply insert, seal and send!

So far we have gotten rave reviews on the design, and not a single complaint about my mediocre cursive handwriting. We lucked out by having such a great artist in the family, but don't fret if you don't have a wedding invitation specialist or graphic designer on the back burner – you probably have some artistic relative or friend who can translate general good aesthetic sense in your favor!



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