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One of the most budget-savvy ways my husband-to-be and I are saving is by going the iPod Wedding DJ route.  We decided this pretty early on in the planning process, primarily to cut out a major day-of cost. While DJs are common wedding staples all over the country, only about half of the nuptials I’ve been to in the greater New York City area have had them, and have preferred a band instead. Either option, though, can cost thousands of dollars… If you know someone in the industry, great; but even if you’re the happy recipient of a steep discount for your tunes, it’s still a pricey addition to the big day.

Another reason Matt and I bucked the norm in the music department is that we’ve been to plenty of affairs where the bride and groom request one thing – no fog machine, please, Mr. DJ or absolutely no Macarena, Electric Slide, Chicken Dance… – and that was promptly ignored on the dance floor. Sure, a DJ or band can take the pulse of the crowd, but, especially for a relatively small wedding, so can the close friend I’ve asked to take control of my iPod.

This is, of course, not to say that there’s no value in the X amount a couple spends on a third party performer. It just wasn’t for us.

Since we’ve been eager to incorporate music that really reflects us as a couple, we’ve talked for months about songs to be played (or avoided). Matt, in fact, is extremely excited about his pick for the last song of the evening, and the awesome movie reference it will plant in our guests’ minds as a farewell.

wedding dj app

We’ve loaded up my iPhone with some classic tunes and some fantastic surprises using the WeddingDJ app ($7.99 on iTunes). It came well recommended with reviews from other couples online, and, for less than $8, it totally works. The app allows you to choose the order of your music (enter first dance, followed by my dance with my dad, etc.) with the order of your ceremony and reception activities. Then once your epic playlist is complete, anyone should be able to press play on cue.

MyWeddingDJ app
MyWeddingDJ app

To make the musical experience and the general flow of the day run as smoothly as possible, my groom and I have asked my good friend and budding entertainer Chelsea to act as our emcee. Chelsea knows exactly the feel of the party we’re trying to throw, and with her own wit and natural knack for entertaining, will make us feel at ease and our guests feel comfortable. She even claims she has some costume changes planned – it’s clearly a practice run for her first Oscars-hosting gig!

After we borrow a friend’s outdoor iPod dock for the ceremony (for the low cost of free!), Chelsea’s help, and the cost of the app and some fresh tracks on iTunes, we’re doing all of our wedding music for under a 10 spot! Major budget-savvy win!

Anyone have any other tips for saving money on a major wedding expense like music?

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I'm Ashley, a 31 year old witty, sarcastic New Yorker planning a wedding on a studio apartment-sized budget in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I consider myself a Brooklyn girl, and I fell in love with a Queens boy, who I will marry on July 5, 2013. He's as witty and sarcastic as I am, and he's awesome.

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  • Missy June

    That sounds great! We’re using a playlist, too!

  • Susan Latimer

    I’m sure there is more important things that you would like to spend money on … instead of a DJ !
    Why pay a DJ if you are not a huge dance crowd ? Or if you cannot afford a good one.
    I have witnessed some pretty mediocre DJs that were comparable to the IPOD.
    The really good DJ’s cost isn’t cheap either. One couple we married played 1930’s style background music for most of the reception. They knew the guests weren’t huge dance floor fans. The music was very good and the guests didn’t get the feeling that they were expected to dance.

  • Julie

    Cannot find this in the App Store anywhere. Can you verify name and perhaps add a link? Many thanks!

  • yellow_flower

    My husband and I used a different iOS app called LimitList for our wedding. You create a library of songs for the reception but then let your guests vote on the song they want to hear next. There is even a photobooth feature that our guests loved and that gave us hundreds of amazing pictures. We had a perfect night and our guests raved about it afterward.

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