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I'm still here! I'm almost done, I swear. I just came back from my refreshing and relaxing honeymoon, which thankfully went off without a hitch. Unlike my wedding. Remember?

Many of you wanted to know more details of my cancelled/redone/thrown-together-in-five-seconds wedding, and I'm here to give them to you!

After I got over the fact that my wedding was being cancelled [am I over it?] my fiancé soon-to-be-husband and I shot it in gear. Always the level headed one, my man kept me in check by looking me straight in the eye and saying “I don't know what we're going to do, but if this day ends and I'm not married to you, I'm going to freak out”. We quickly decided that being married was the most important aspect of our wedding day [obviously], so we settled on having our ceremony a few hours later in the living room of my Groom's childhood home.

As soon as we made the call to his parents the were in a flurry moving around furniture and setting up last minute decorations. My parents took to calling all of the closest family and friends with the update of location and event. Our wedding party whirl winded around getting dressed for our new celebration. We decided that the guys would wear their matching outfits and the girls would just dress it up pretty. I honestly can't remember why we decided this, but I'm sure in the flurry of things there wasn't really a reason. We all got ready in the wedding night hotel suite, eventually leaving it looking like an actual hurricane of clothes went through. I did not have a backup/less formal wedding dress [shocking, I know] but for once luck was on my side. One of my bridesmaids had a gorgeous cream floor length dress she graciously gave me for the occasion.

Dressed to the nines we made it over to Ben's parent's house where they had whipped up an awesome spread of cheese and crackers followed by delivery pizza. Classy, I know. In times of hurricanes, pizza is what happens.

Our actual ceremony took place in the living room with 50 or so friends and family members crammed in, standing room only. The priest fumbled with his part, we fumbled with ours, but it ended the right with sealed with a ring, a kiss, and commitment!

intimate ceremony
All dressed up for a hurricane wedding!
intimate ceremony
Our barely used but much appreciated bouquets
intimate ceremony
And…we're married! And exhausted, can you tell??

My husband and I have come to realize that in many ways we were lucky. We had a much more intimate ceremony than we planned, and it was even more memorable than we could have hoped. We were able to get our money back from the venue, and a good chunk back from the caterer, so in a sense, we saved money! With a lack of festivities we had more time to spend one on one with visiting family and friends that would have otherwise been taken up by wedding reception formalities.

We're thinking that some day we will have our big reception that we're missing, but we're not even remotely ready to think about all that yet!


PS…we did get all dressed up for formal pictures…

intimate ceremony

intimate ceremony

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  • Rochelle

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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