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So… I've always had a pretty generic name. So generic in fact, that there are 3,164 people in the US with my same first and last name. There was even another girl in my graduating class in high school with the same name. Our transcripts would get mixed up from time to time and she was a juvenile delinquent while I was on the honor roll. I even got sent to detention for her! Well, now that I am getting married, I get to drop my oh-so-generic last name in favor of my husbands. I went to (my mom sent me this link- too funny!) and found out just how big the difference would be between my old last name and my new last name. See for yourself.


My maiden name.


My new (will-be) married name.

That's a big jump! 3,164 to 358! I'm suddenly not-so-common. πŸ™‚ Go to to see how your percentages change! E and I spent like an hour searching our many friends' names to see if anyone was a singular, only person with their particular name… and we could only find one! It was kinda fun… but kinda lame and nerdy- which we sometimes tend to be. πŸ™‚

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  • Although I knew what the results would be, there is only one of me in the United States. I checked my “soon-to-be married-name”…same results. Thats what you get when you put a Japanese first name with a German last name. :o)

  • I’m going from 2, to 3.
    I’m honesty shocked that there is another one of me out there. haha.
    I want to meet her.

  • there’s only one of my fiance. we know that for sure. and now with his last name there’s only one of me too. πŸ™‚

    With my maiden name there’s 3.

    Fun website though! thanks for sharing.

  • Guilty Secret

    This is cool. Ok, I’m in UK so it doesn’t really apply, but I tried it out anyway.

    So, there are 3 people in US with my name now and 6 with my married name. That is so weird, I really thought my maiden name would be more common than my married name (although both are pretty rare, which is weird because my Christian name is very common… 92nd most popular just including my spelling, and there are lots of ways to spell it…)

    I wish there was one for UK!

  • Guilty Secret

    P.S. When I joined Facebook there was one other person with the same name as me and we made friends. Then she got married and changed her name. Now I’m going to do the same… so we’ll just randomly be friends with apparently no connection…

  • Guilty Secret

    Ok, I’ll stop commenting soon! But I just googled it and found a UK version! Hooray!

    And there are 14 people with my maiden name here and 6 with my married name… that’s more like what I expected πŸ™‚

  • budgetsavvybride

    Too funny! Glad you all got a kick out of this- I know I did!

    Guilty- you are cracking me up!! Glad you found a UK version!! Um, I’m friends with over 50 other “me’s” on Facebook- and I think there’s something like 500+ on the website… many of them have changed their names since getting married as well and I often think I have a friend that I really don’t know and I get confused… haha… so funny.

  • Dianne

    Interesting … I am in the process of planning my second wedding. With both my maiden name and my fisr married name, I am listed as the only one in the US … with my new married name (come September 19!) I’lll become one of 20!

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