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I've been Tagged!


I've been blog “tagged” by Wedding Poop!

Here's my answers that I forgot to post last night… not so much forgot but fell asleep from exhaustion before I got the chance…


4 Things I Did Today

1. Went to Boot Camp and looked idiotic trying to jump rope with an injured foot.

2. Went to work and… worked.

3. Went to Walgreen's to buy an ace bandage for injured foot.

4. Did laundry with E whilst watching Gossip Girl.



4 Things On My To Do List

1. Find and finalize wardrobe for e-pics: including hair and make-up for moi. J

2. Get a pedicure with AK (my pedi buddy- we always go together and it's practically the only time we get to see each other)- much needed!

3. Get my ring cleaned and inspected for warranty/insurance purposes.

4. Send some thank you notes for various things I need to thank some folks for!


4 Of My Guiltiest Pleasures (New ones since my Q&A)

1. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney Channel. Don't laugh.

2. Hawaiian pizza (ham and pineapple) with RANCH DRESSING. Yummers.

3. Young adult literature- Harry Potter, Twilight, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, etc. Don't judge me- I just like easy reading, okay?

4. FACEBOOK. I love it. Yes, I am aware that I sound like a loser.


4 Random Facts About Me:

1. I am a wannabe photographer. I hardly ever leave home without a camera, whether it be my point-and-shoot or my digital rebel XTi. I LOVE taking photos and hope to learn more by experimentation. I also really love playing with photoshop… funsies!

2. I LOVE watching infomercials. And yes, I occasionally buy things. I started using Bare Minerals because of the infomercial… I did Winsor Pilates for a while… yeah… infomercial junkie here…

3. I have been known to organize my closet by color… it's one of the things I'm a tad OCD about at times…

4. I've got a really good credit score. 🙂 Doesn't get more random than that…


And now, it's time for me to TAG some folks! and I TAG…

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