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The Quest for the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

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Jess Storm

Once I had gotten engaged and the fiancé and I had decided on a color palate (which was an entire battle in itself…), the first thing that I wanted to do was to go shopping for the perfect bridesmaids dress.

I had asked my four best friends from college along with all of our sisters (7 girls total) to stand up with me. These ladies encompass all of the different body types: petite, tall and skinny, short and curvy, and the catch-all awkwardly proportioned (I can say this, as I am awkwardly proportioned). So I knew that there was no one dress that would look good on all seven of them.

Perfect Bridesmaid Dress
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I had the brilliant idea to go shopping with all of them at several different bridal stores on one day, affectionately coined “The Bridesmaid’s Extravaganza.” Our mission was for each of them to find their own short, gray dress. Seemed easy enough.

The staff at several of the chain bridal stores (not naming any names here) were less than helpful. First, gray is not that common of a color. Silver, yes. Pewter, yes. Gray, no.

Perfect Bridesmaid Dress
Not Exactly the Direction I was Going For…

There were several different shades from the several different brands, and then all of the brands had different fabrics so even the same color looked ended up looking different. UGHHHHH!

Rather than explaining this to us up front, the consultants suggested that the girls simply pick dresses that they liked. So after they had spent hours trying on dress after dress (after dress, after dress, etc.) to find the perfect one for their shape, we discovered that the girls had all fallen in love with different brands and fabrics, i.e. different colors. None of the dresses worked.

Perfect Bridesmaid Dress
Three of My Beautiful Bridesmaids

A few weeks later….

My bridesmaid Bekah is from a small, tiny, teeny, itsybitsy, rural town in Ohio. After her college graduation party at her parents’ home, she suggested we go to the local bridal shop.

Along with two of my bridesmaids in tow we walked into the biggest bridal store I’ve ever been in and the second dress Bekah picked up I fell in love with.

Perfect Bridesmaid Dress
THE Dress

Enter the earlier problem: different body shapes.

Katy and Bekah both tried the dress on and even on their different shapes it looked great!


It’s a little risky that I didn’t have them try it all on and Amy (petite) is worried that she may get lost in the empire waist, but I think we’ll be alright. Hopefully, they will all feel beautiful and confident on my wedding day.

So I had to redirect my original vision for the bridesmaid dresses, but I think it will work out perfectly! Did that happen to you?

Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Jess Storm

is a bride blogger who got married in 2011. Read her wedding planning posts here.