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Eric was a groomsman in a wedding last summer, and a month before the wedding the Bride mailed a physical copy of an itinerary to everyone.  When we arrived at the Iowa wedding weeks later, a lot of the wedding party appeared to even have theirs with them.  Me being me, I thought this was a great idea!

As part of my valiant attempt to stay organized, I’ve put together a ridiculous itinerary that’s been emailed to basically everyone.  With the bulk being from out of town, I broke things down by day & time (we have things spanning Thursday-Saturday), I also noted who needed to be there, the full address (for GPS) and a link to a Google map if the individual wanted to print one.  I noted separately any times for the usher, flower girls, etc., and even threw out a disclaimer/threat to any of the groomsmen who thought it necessary to “over-indulge” before ceremony time.  I made notes and instructions where I felt necessary, and I think I probably appear borderline psychotic to the outside world.  To offset this, I tried to add in a little humor and sarcasm (as expected) as to not come off as bossy (or cray-cray).   That’s really okay, as long as everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be.

One of my bridesmaids that got married in October suggested that I turn my cell phone OFF the day of the wedding.  She said she was unpleasantly surprised on the morning of their wedding when everyone under the sun was calling to ask ridiculous questions, most of which were clearly listed on the invitation itself.  She ended up buried alive with unnecessary details, and floored by the whole thing.  To try to help with this, I listed our wedding coordinator’s phone number and email address on our itinerary and asked that if anyone has trouble with details, to just please please call Jill instead of Eric or myself.   Fingers crossed that it actually works!

Next, to tackle logistics, and organizing the family helpers….



Cartoon & other useful itinerary info from: http://www.weddinggirl.ca/blog/weddingthemes/wedding-itinerary/

Adorable pictorial itinerary from:


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