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While being budget savvy has a LOT to do with saving money, I also feel that it also is important to support local businesses.

Almost everything we've bought and the businesses we are using have been from the area.

Our photographer was a local photographer just starting out in the wedding business, our cake is from a local baker in a very small town not far from where we live, our flowers are from a local corner florist, and all of our craft supplies (the cornhole set, paint, etc.) are from a small craft store which has only one store total that I know of.

We also wanted to have local wine at our reception. All I drink is wine, and for my “specialty” drink I wanted to have a mulled wine for our guests to stay warm in case it was a chilly November day.

My goal was to find a winery that supported local businesses and wasn't one that you could find just anywhere. My winery of choice was Flickerwood wine cellars in Kane, PA.

They do not sell their wine in PA wine and spirit stores. The only place you can find it is at the winery. Their reasoning…to support local business and tourism in the area. Kane, PA isn't a very wealthy area but it is gorgeous.

Since we bought 3 cases of wine, we received 10% off our order and can spread the word about their wine and beautiful vineyard.

While it might not have been the most “budget savvy” move, (Though it wasn't a non-budget savvy move either!) I feel good about supporting and helping to keep small, local businesses open.

support local businessessupport local businesses


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My name is Joscelyn, I'm 24 years old and live in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I work with children on the Autism Spectrum and am currently enrolled in grad school for special education. I'm recently engaged and planning my dream wedding, I can't wait to share it!

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  • Erin


    I just wanted to send a thank you about your wine choice!

    I was born and raised in Kane PA & as you had mentioned, Kane is a VERY small town. But the wine is good & its family owned.

    It’s so nice to see a bride take the time to support local business. It might not seem like much to a non local, but we see these businesses grow and change over the years and it’s all thanks to people like you!

    Thanks again form a local!

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