DIY Brooch Bouquets – Part 1

In an effort to make six brooch bouquets quickly, I had a pseudo-birthday party: Brunch with my bridesmaids and a small get together at my house with hot glue guns and costume jewelry. I wanted all my bridesmaids to carry a small brooch bouquet so I enlisted their help to get them started. I had read several tutorials about making brooch bouquets and they all claimed it was “hard,” “time consuming” and that each bouquet needed a ridiculous amount of brooches to be full and beautiful.

I’m here to dispel all those rumors and tell you that, so far (knock on wood!), that the bouquet making process is not too terrible. In fact, three of my bridesmaids finished their bouquets within an hour. I was definitely not expecting that!

Some supplies I used:

26 Gauge floral wire
Floral tape
Forest green pipe cleaners
Hot glue guns
Super glue

I used this tutorial by Oops I’m In Love on blogger because it looked the easiest. There was no set number of brooches, no pressure of filling out a huge bouquet… it just required taking your brooches, giving them stems with some wire and glue, and assembling.

Here is how it went:

brooch bouquets

The table ready for crafting – about 150 brooches!

brooch bouquets

One of the bridemaid’s bouquets. We stood them up in mason jars for the time being. We plan on wrapping floral tape around the pipe cleaners and then assembling them into a bouquet and wrapping ribbon around the “stems.”

brooch bouquets

brooch bouquets

brooch bouquets

A sneak peak of my bridal bouquet! I am using just the vintage enamel colorful brooches for my bouquet, while I’m trying for gold and silver tones in my bridesmaids.

This project is not near completion yet, but we have a good start on it. With only 54 days until the wedding, this DIY project needs to be done soon!

And, PS, I will still be doing a bouquet toss.. just using some grocery store flowers we get the morning of. 😉

Anyone else attempting a DIY brooch bouquet? How did it work out for you?

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