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I love DIY weddings where the brides and families labor over making some memorable details with their unique talents. I, however, am not much of a crafter or a DIY-er. Since I’ve started this wedding planning, I’ve joked that I want a “DIY wedding without the DIY.” I love the look of handcrafted décor and accessories; I just don’t really trust myself to actually create them.

I knew first off that I didn’t want flowers. I know, call me crazy, but I just am not a flowery type of girl. Plus, the cost can really add up if you use a florist. I had debated between a few options (including purchasing flowers online and creating the bouquet myself), but I hadn’t really been drawn to anything floral.

Non-floral Bouquet

Source: Southern Weddings

I almost liked the look of these huge bouquets. Baby’s breath makes for great touches in décor and would really fit in with my vintage vibe, but it just wasn’t clicking with me. It’s gorgeous, but I wanted more color.

Non-floral Bouquet

Source: Love and Lavender

I thought holding fans would be cute, but it just wasn’t IT.

Non-floral Bouquet

Source: From Sparkly to Spouse

My planner suggested that we carry white parasols. Since we are on the beach in the sun for the wedding, this wasn’t a bad idea. It just wasn’t….me.

Non-floral Bouquet

Source: ETSY Seller Paper Flowers by Laura

Yes, those are paper flowers. Can you tell? These beauties would be interesting, but I’m not sure if they would last all day.

Non-floral Bouquet

Source: ETSY Seller Jillian’s Whimsical Floral Shop

A cute crafty bouquet… but not my style.

And, then, there it was.

Non-floral Bouquet

Source: Brenda's Wedding Blog

The brooch bouquet. It can be vintage. It can be funky. It can be colorful. It can have family heirlooms, brooches that symbolize things that are important to me, and best of all, it will never wilt. So instead of standard flowers, I chose a non-floral bouquet.

Non-floral Bouquet

Source: Seamstress of Avalon

Anyone can Google “brooch bouquet” and be in awe of the results. They are a colorful project and something that will certainly draw attention to any bride. However, this same Google search can show you prices of $300 to assemble the bouquet. If I was avoiding real flowers because of the cost, I certainly couldn’t shell out that to create a bouquet for just one person.

Luckily other brides have been in this situation, and they have taken to the Internet and posted tutorials and photographs of their brooch bouquet assembly. It doesn’t look too hard, and it would be fun to gather the Bridesmaids up for a Brooch Party—a night of assembling, swapping brooches for our bouquets, and a few glasses of wine. ☺

To keep this brooch bouquet budget friendly, it is important to remember that vintage brooches can be pricey—especially the enamel flower pieces (the ones I want so badly!). The best thing is to scour Ebay, thrift stores and estate sales. I have been fortunate enough to find brooch lots on Ebay (a listing that has several pieces in one sale). I have read that it takes 60 to 80 brooches for a bridal bouquet, so if I keep my brooches at $1 to $2 each I’ll be in a good price range. I’m also asking female relatives, friends and friends of friends for brooches that have been forgotten about in a jewelry box somewhere. I’m confident that I will reach my target brooch count soon….and then it will be time for assembly!

What wedding standards are you forgoing to help with cost?

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  • @lesleydenford

    Those are going to be so pretty Krystal! I had thought about doing brooch bouquets too (but decided to go with fake flowers instead). Can't wait to see yours all sparkly and finished! 🙂

  • Maria

    Check out — they have lots of jewelry for cheap (and other stuff you wouldn't expect from goodwill — most of them are nice things, I promise).

  • I love the fans!!

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  • savvybride

    I cannot wait to see the finished product!! 🙂

  • SargesNurse

    I would love to create my own brooch bouquet. I feel in love with them on "Ruffled". Where did you find an easy to follow tutorial? I found one, but I couldn't follow it.

    I can't wait to see your final product.

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