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I had never really been one to dream about my future wedding.  As a little girl, I loved Disney movies just as much as the next kid, but never thought I was a princess, never tore wedding photos out of magazines as a teenager, and never anticipated the day when Prince Charming would sweep me off of my feet.  I always assumed that I would end up married when the time (and guy) were both right, and that’s all of the planning and reassurance that I needed for the time being.  Obviously, several things have had to quickly change since then.

As I’ve mentioned, Eric (fiancé) and I have both been in several weddings, ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other.   We’re both fairly low-key, laid-back people in general.  Although I did grow up performing with my family at music festivals, I don’t in any way have that burning desire to be the center of attention, and neither does Eric.  We both liked the idea of an outside ceremony (with a good back-up plan for rain that wouldn't make me borderline suicidal), and having both the ceremony & reception at the same venue.  Above all, an event that we would actually have fun with our family and friends at, yet still feel like it was our wedding and not a backyard barbeque.  After much Google Imaging & scouring Pinterest, the perfect solution seemed to be a more rustic/country (but not tacky) event, with our colors being green, brown & ivory– Both a “feel” and color scheme that lend perfectly to a DIY affair!

laid-back rustic wedding


Click to link to image source:  Photo Window, Curly Willow Centerpiece, Bridesmaid Dresses, Ticket Save-the-Date, Cupcake Display, Bouquet, Moss Monogram, Pews



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About Emily

Emily is a Nashville bride planning a rustic "barn" wedding on a $12k budget. She's a creative DIY'er and bargain hunter who enjoys music, golf, and her goldendoodle, Conway. Emily & her fiance Eric look forward to tying the knot in May, and throwing one big party full of wedded bliss afterwards.

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  • Wedding Dresses

    Wedding planning is very important.Your site give very nice information which is related to wedding.I like all the photos of wedding dresses it give detail idea about the wedding dresses.

  • This are very nice finds. Everything look so great. The bouquet is just so stunning.

  • Emily

    Thanks so much for the input! I look forward to sharing more along the way!

  • Wow! I get amaze with the wonderful centerpiece decoration on the table and that hanging letter G on the sailing.
    Lovely indeed! 😀

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