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So last week I told you about the search for the ladies attire, today it's all about the men (and the boys). From the start, my fiance and I agreed that we wanted to have a classy and unique wedding, so why overlook the mens attire?

The groomsmen usually don't get paid a second look, but they are just as important to us as anybody else, so we're dressing them up! We've decided to go with a traditional tuxedo with a bowtie. Nothing says class better than a man in a bowtie. I am really looking forward to seeing all our groomsmen looking rather dapper on our wedding day.

Now I just have to hold my little bro's back from renting the canes and tophats! Wouldn't that be a sight?!Image 1,2, 3

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Leah is a Toronto Bride planning her Spring 2012 wedding with a $20,000 budget. She is looking forward to marrying her sweetheart of 7.5 years and moving to the big city. She loves fashion, has a slight obsession with organization, and loves spending time with her family.

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