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Lesley and Nate’s Unusual Wedding Gifts!

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Being budget savvy isn’t always about getting everything for your wedding at the lowest price possible – it’s about prioritizing what you value and figuring out how to get what you want within your means! And even though we have a fairly small budget of $6000 for our wedding, there are a couple of splurges that Nate and I have made because we value them greatly. One of these splurges was our unusual wedding gifts to each other. We wanted to do something that had meaning, had significance, and would last…

Unusual Wedding Gifts

Photo by Grace Dreger

…so we got tattoos! Yes, it’s a bit of an atypical wedding gift – but we’re definitely atypical people! My favorite part about this is the family history – this tattoo is a copy of a design my Granda had tattooed on his arm 50 years ago with my Grannies name in it (awww!). We decided against tattooing each others names, and instead chose a scripture verse that is quite fitting as we enter into marriage – 1 John 4:19, which says “We love because He first loved us”. It’s a daily reminder to Nate and I to keep God at the center of our marriage, and to remember that we are only able to love each other because of God’s unconditional love for us.

Although these wedding gifts were a bit of a splurge for us given our limited finances, we were able to work them into our budget by keeping costs down in other places (like not using flowers in our decor). Budget success! Huzzah!

So, lovely…are there any splurges that you were able to work into your wedding budget? What did you have to cut back on to make them happen? Were you happy with your decision?

Much love,

(PS: tattoos were done by the awesome Ben Yanok at The Ink Factory in Hudson, WI.)

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