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Lesley's $6,000 Budget Breakdown!!!

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Good morning lovelies!

I’m officially a married lady and won’t have much to post planning-wise from now on (sad face), but I was a good little blogger and planned ahead for some posts to tide you over until I’m back with wedding photos! I know you were all dying to know how we did on our budgeting so I wanted to share our budget and how we pulled off a large-ish wedding on a reasonable $6000 wedding budget.

Although we invited a whole bunch of people (around 450), we knew that many of them would be unable to come due to the time of year and having to travel to rural northern Minnesota. Right now we have about 220 confirmed guests, and we’re planning for a few extra (because at a small-town church, sometimes people just show up!).

Here’s how the finances have been distributed so far:

Venue: $300

(we’re getting married at Nate’s church , which is where we first met!)


Dress: $393

(you can read the story of the amazing custom dress here !)


Bride’s Other Attire: $120


Groom’s Attire: $283


Food: Approximately $500

(This includes a catered dinner for the wedding party before the ceremony, desserts/coffee for the reception, and faux champagne for a New Year’s toast. A friend is coordinating all the dessert baking.)


Dishware: $253


Decor: $426

(Including our rad photobooth and handmade centerpieces for 30 tables)


Invitations: $207

(Half of this cost was postage; I designed the invitations myself  to save money)


Wedding Party Gifts: $343


Bride and Groom Gifts: $400 for custom matching tattoos!


New Year’s Favors: $123


Flowers: $75

(Silk flowers were purchased from Afloral.com and assembled into bridal bouquets by yours truly)

Photography (Including engagement photos ): $550

(Mitch and Steph of Haaby Photography are friends of ours and we received a discount)


Wedding Bands: $750


Hotel for Officiant and MC (as a thank-you for traveling 6 hours to be part of the wedding!): $250


Marriage License: $40


Fee for US Residency Application: Approximately $500

(I’m Canadian and will need to apply for this after the wedding to stay in the US)



6000 wedding budget

[Photo by Haaby Photography]

I’m so thrilled that we were able to not only keep within our budget for a large wedding, but stay almost $500 under it! Eek! It’s a great feeling to know that we’re going to have an awesome wedding while being reasonable and responsible with our money. With a little hard work, creativity, and flexibility, it IS possible to have a fabulous, budget savvy wedding!

I hope that my posts here on BSB have been an encouragement to you. Thanks so much for allowing me to share my DIY projects, my planning process, and my thoughts on marriage. Rock on, beautiful brides!

With love and thanks,


is a bride blogger who got married in 2011. You can read her wedding planning posts here.