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Lesley’s Great Wedding Hair Debate

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wedding hair

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been collecting a plethora of images from blogs and magazines to inspire the design of your wedding – your dress, the decor, photography styles, etc. And while this can be a great part of your planning to help you nail down a specific “feel” for your big day, it gets tricky when you just like lots of different things and have a hard time choosing one direction to go in! Case in point for me – my hair. I’ve never really liked the “traditional” high bridal updos, so for a long time, I thought I wanted my hair to be in low sideswept waves, pinned up all loose and relaxed. But then I found some pictures with totally rad 50’s inspired hair – sleek pompadours with low pinned curls. Both of these looks are completely different. And now I just don’t know what to do! I know my fiance will love the relaxed wavy hair (I wear it like that a lot already) but I think the sleeker retro ‘do will fit better with the overall style of the wedding. *Sigh.* So what’s a girl to do?

wedding hair

Well, it’s time grab some bobby pins and hairspray and try ’em both out! I’m very fortunate that my future sister-in-law is a stylist (and a great one at that), so I decided to meet with her, show her the wedding hair inspiration images above, and see what kind of magic she could work on my head. After an hour or so of trying different options, we settled on a look for the wedding. Doing a test-run was a fabulous idea – we found out well in advance what worked and what didn’t, and took lots of pictures for reference on the big day.

(And if you’re wondering…I decided on a variation of the sleek retro style. I loooove the messy sideswept waves, but with my super thick hair it wouldn’t last through the wedding day. See? Thank goodness we realized this in advance – I wouldn’t want a tangled mop of saggy waves in my face in all my wedding photos!)

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