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Hi Everyone,

I just want to start by saying that I am SO excited to be here and be able to write for Budget Savvy Bride!

My name is Laura and I am 26 years old, and an administrative assistant at a community college. My fiancé’s name is Geoff; he is 33 and a high school history and civics teacher.


We met each other in our church single’s group more than three years ago. I wouldn't say it was love at first sight necessarily, but I did think he was really cute! (I mean, just look at him!) As I got to know him over the next few months, I discovered that he was also kind, generous, considerate, and really funny. Yeah, I really liked him, I couldn't help myself! I even told my friends “this is the kind of guy I could see myself marrying one day.”

However, as the most eligible guy in our group full of girls, I wasn’t holding my breath for any kind of reciprocation. But he must have seen something he liked, because we started dating a few months later. We dated for a little over two years and two weeks ago he asked me to be his wife. Of course, I said YES!

To help you get to know me a little bit better, I thought I would give you a list of the Top 10 things I love most.

1. Jesus

2. Geoff

3. My engagement ring. (Seriously, isn’t it gorgeous!?!)

laura ring

4. Family and friends (Yes, I ranked my ring higher than my friends and family, but really I love them about the same 😉 )

5. Coke Zero (“Hi, my name is Laura and I am addicted to Coke Zero.” Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?)

6. The state of North Carolina. (I am NC born and bred and I love it more than any other place on earth.)

7. Martha Stewart. (I love all things Martha Stewart. Have you seen her craft room? There have to be rooms like that in heaven.)

8. Kitchenaid Stand Mixers. (My roommate has one and I really hope we get one as a wedding present. They are AWESOME!)

9. Wedding Magazines (Oh, you have no idea. I’ll post more about this later.)

10. DVR (In my opinion, the best thing since sliced bread. What did we do before this?)


Now, for wedding details;

When: October 20, 2012

Yes, just a little less than 6 months away!

Number of Guests: 125-150

Not quite sure yet about how many we’ll invite, we both come from really large families. But we’re definitely going to try and keep it under 150.

Budget: $7,000

My parents are contributing the majority of the funds and Geoff and I will be paying for misc. expenses as they arise.

One reason we’re trying to keep the cost low is because we’re probably going to have to buy a new vehicle soon after the wedding and we know it would be more prudent to save for that than spend the money on the wedding.

But just because we’re cutting back on budget doesn’t mean we’re cutting back on awesomeness! My goal is to prove (to myself, mostly) that even though our budget is tight, we’re still going to have a fantastic wedding.

I’m so excited to begin this journey and I’m so glad that y’all are along for the ride. I gladly welcome and thoughts or advice!

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About Laura

Laura is a DIY bride who is planning an autumn wedding in North Carolina. She has 6 months to plan with a budget of $7,500. She has a love of all things southern and homemade and can't wait for the day when she gets to marry her best friend.

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  • Emily Sharp

    Congratulations on your engagement! I am on a major budget and found a really wonderful site i wanted to share with you. I got my bridesmaids headpieces from them and they are totally perfect. Good luck with your planning! Emily x

  • Ariel

    Congratulations on your engagement! I too am a recently engaged (well, February) North Carolina bride getting married in October. Being engaged for a few months I do have a few of the details locked down and am also determined to keep my wedding on a tight budget and DIY as much as possible! What part of NC are you getting married in? I live near Charlotte but am getting married near Shelby. Good luck, I’ll be happy to share ideas if we’re getting married in the same general area!

    • Laura

      Thanks so much Ariel! We live in Greensboro, so we’re looking for a venue in the Triad area. Not very far from Charlotte but probably too far to use vendors based there. But I think I’ll be making a trip down your way soon to go to IKEA for some decorating supplies! I’m excited, I’ve never been.

  • Tina @ Wedding Favors

    Beautiful ring! You are so lucky.

  • Shalonda

    Hi!!! Another NC (Charlotte, NC) Bride here. Engaged in January and planning our wedding for 10/20/12 also. However, since we’ve struggled sooo much to find a quality, budget friendly, and available venue we’re probably going to be married on 10/21/12.

    It’ll be fun reading about your journey as we go through ours.



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