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So last we left off I was puking my guts out and feeling like death, but I was able to pull it together and get ready to rehearse Friday night. Luckily, my fabulous new in-laws took care of the rehearsal dinner, which they hosted at our venue, so there wasn't a whole lot for me to do. Our day-of coordinator came and we ran through the ceremony twice.

rehearsal dinner
heeeey! We're gettin married!

Matt wore his 1970's blue leisure suit and I wore a gown from So our rehearsal was a little more formal since our actual wedding was to be casual and we were going to enjoy a plated three course meal.

rehearsal dinner

rehearsal dinner
getting the low down

My in-laws hired a personal chef, Cristina Cornejo, to create a fabulous seasonal menu which we enjoyed at a long communal table inside the crystal room. The food was amazing and it was so wonderful to spend the evening before our wedding surrounded by 30 of our closest friends and family.

Before the evening was over I had a special surprise for Matt. I wanted to get him a groom's cake, but since he loves rice krispie treats more than cake I found a bakery, Jamaicas Cakes, that could make me a sheet of rice krispies and frost it so it looked like a cake and decorate it with a special scene from one of his favorite movies, The Room (if you haven't seen it, you should!). Since it wasn't large enough to feed the 100 people coming to the wedding I decided to serve it at the rehearsal dinner, along with It's-It ice cream sandwiches. It was a big hit.

rehearsal dinner

rehearsal dinner
A close up of the awesomeness

It was a great night and I was able to enjoy the food despite my earlier stomach issues. We enjoyed some fun in the pool after dinner and stayed up way too late. Luckily the stress didn't hit me until the next morning when I realized that I didn't get as much prepped as I had planned Friday and I only had a few short hours Saturday morning before I needed to start getting ready!

rehearsal dinner
Bursting with happiness!

How did your rehearsal go? Did it feel as special as your wedding, like it did for us?

rehearsal dinner

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  • OMG i am in love with your dress. I would love to hear more about your experience ordering from Light In The Box?

    • Meg

      I found light in the box great Natalie, they were fast and the dress is well made and fit perfectly (I just had to have it hemmed because I'm short) So I will be ordering from there again. Hope this helps!

  • You're dress is gorgeous! Look perfect on you and I like that you had a more formal rehearsal for everyone to enjoy.

    xo Leah.

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