Limoncello Toast: Booze, Not Bread!

As I've mentioned before, Dan and I are trying to be budget savvy while still having flair at our wedding. We don't want to sacrifice the “wow-factor” just because we're making economical decisions.

One thing that was really important to Dan was to be able to toast his new bride (i.e. me) during his speech. I thought that was terribly sweet. However, after quickly calculating the cost of sparkling wine for all of our guestsΒ  — around $350– I was ready to throw the entire concept out the window.

Instead, we decided to brainstorm other ideas and decided we'd have a limoncello toast!

limoncello toast


For those of you who aren't familiar with this delicious beverage, it's a traditional Italian after-dinner digestif made primarily of alcohol and lemons. While neither I nor Dan has any Italian in our family, it doesn't mean we can't appreciate limoncello's delicious-ness!

We decided to take this route because:

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  1. It's delicious
  2. It's comparatively inexpensive (compared to sparkling wine/champagne)
  3. It makes for another fun DIY project.

We turned to our old friend Alton Brown from Good Eats on the Food Network. He has a delicious limoncello recipe that can be found here.

Dan and one of our fantastic friends spent a Saturday rasping 12 pounds of organic lemons. We mixed the zest with three 60 oz bottles of vodka.

We calculated that sparkling wine was going to cost us around $350 if we bought it ourselves (not from the caterer). We spent $30 on the organic lemons and $148 on the vodka at the SAQ Depot in Quebec. For $178, we are going to have a delicious after dinner toast for each of our 140 guests. That works out to $1.27 per guest! Not too shabby when you consider sparkling wine would have cost us $2.50 per guest!

It is currently in our closet, happily infusing. I will let you all know how it turns out when we add the simple syrup! πŸ™‚

Editor's note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more resources for planning a pandemic wedding here.Β 

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