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Anyone trying to tackle wedding planning knows how far a little help can go! I am somewhat of a perfectionist and a lot of a control freak so accepting the help when offered is another problem all together. Recently while looking over my ever growing [when it should be shrinking] to-do list, I realized that I REALLY lucked out in the helpful acquaintances department.

The week after I got engaged I had my lovely friend Caroline offered to take my engagement AND wedding photos for me. She admitted to having little to no wedding photography experience, but I was happy to have her on board anyway. I was thrilled to have someone who I knew around to capture all the moments I didn’t want to ever forget. The fiance and I tried her and her new photog partner out for our engagement photos, and now we are SO excited to see the wedding pictures in August! Caroline and Kylie are INSANELY talented behind the lens with the astonishing ability to make me look less awkward!

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After trolling the interwebs for centerpiece ideas, I finally found one that felt like it fit us. We decided on herb centerpieces with the name of the herb acting as the table name. I spent time jotting down as many herbs as I could think of but knew that my plant-killing hands could never cultivate such beauties. As soon as she heard of my garden flare idea my aunt offered to not only grow the plants but also – BONUS – create the pots to hold the herbs on a pottery wheel! She's working her way up to favorite aunt…

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My older brother’s lovely girlfriend is an organic baker in Portland, Oregon where they live. One day my brother mentioned in passing she could probably do some wedding baking and I jumped on the opportunity! To my delight the bro’s gf agreed to not only bake my cupcakes on this side of the country, but they were also serving as their wedding gift to us!

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My lovely friend Clayton has an equally lovely sister who just began an internship at a flower shop! I know, I know, could fate have dealt us a better hand of helpful and wonderful people? She surprised me with floral arrangements for my bridal shower and then knocked my socks off by offering to also do the bouquets and flowers for the wedding! I almost collapsed with gratitude at this point.

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I know that sharing with ya’ll what wonderful support I have seems like bragging….but I really just wanted it to be inspiration for us all to ask for help when we need it and offer it when we can! Put your feelers out, you might be surprised at what you can check off your list!

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PS – Obviously I wasn't paid for any of these glowing recommendations, I just love them and am forever grateful for their contributions to my big day!

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  • Those of us in Portland OR would like to know where we can purchase said lovely, organic cupcakes?

    • Hi Liz! The baker's company is known as Decadent Creations and she likes to hit the farmer's market circuit. She does the Tanasbourne Market on Wednesdays and also the Orenco and Hillsboro other times. Good luck finding the deliciousness!

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