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How to Honeymoon for Free with Skyhour + Honeyfund!

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Skyhour and Honeyfund have partnered to offer a unique registry option for engaged couple who have an epic honeymoon at the top of their wishlist!


How often have you stopped to think, “If I could fly anywhere in the world, where would I go?” Chances are, more times than you can count. We’ve all done this. But, very few of us are fortunate enough to see our wanderlust wishes become everyday experiences. For many couples, it’s a one-time honeymoon: A moment of travel bliss before life, work, and daily stress makes world travel feel more like a fantasy than an achievable reality.

The Best Experience Wedding Registry Just Got Better

That’s why Honeyfund — the world’s most trusted online honeymoon registry — and Skyhour — an innovative app-based airfare company — have partnered to help more couples stop dreaming and start traveling. Why stop at just one honeymoon?

Introducing ‘Love Around the World,’ a program allowing couples to earn up to 360 hours of complimentary air travel that can be redeemed with more than 350 various international and domestic airlines. Together, Honeyfund and Skyhour believe in couples strengthening their marriage through memories and unforgettable moments, and more importantly, they believe in making it happen.

The best part: This opportunity isn’t limited to a single winning couple; this opportunity is open to anyone. All you need is a smartphone, wedding guests, and a suitcase!

How it Works:

What would you do with 360 hours of complimentary air travel? (Enough to circle the globe together, twice?) Where would you go? What would you see?

We know it sounds almost too good to be true — but thanks to Honeyfund and Skyhour — your honeymoon doesn’t have to end within a week. In fact, your honeymoon is simply the beginning. And, with our help, you’ll begin with a balance by receiving one free Skyhour just for registering.

Step 1: Set up your Honeyfund Registry.

Step 2: Sign up for Skyhour – your Honeyfund will get a slick referral link

Step 3: Share your Honeyfund with all your wedding guests. They’ll use it to fly to your wedding — saving them 10% on all air travel and earning you 10 minutes of complimentary sky time for every hour booked.

Example: Aunt Susan books a six-hour flight using Skyhour to come to your wedding. She saves 10% on airfare and you earn 60 minutes (one hour) of sky time. (You can accumulate up to 360 hours this way.)

Get Airfare for your Honeymoon for Free with Honeyfund and Skyhour

World travel is no longer a fairytale you only read about in online travel blogs. Start your Honeyfund today and start referring friends and family to get airfare for your Honeymoon for Free!

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