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DIY Cupcake Stands

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Matt and I have decided to go with cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. This way we don’t have to pay a ton of extra money on a professionally decorated cake and we don’t even need to rent extra cake plates or forks for all the guests (that stuff adds up!). We’re just going to have napkins and the cupcakes will be grab and go. After looking around for some pretty cupcake stands, I realized that these can cost a pretty penny, so I decided to make mine. It was so easy! I found a set of dishes at goodwill for $10 that matched my wedding theme. I also bought some clear candlestick holders at the dollar store for a buck each. Using white dry Gorilla Glue to hold it all together, I used the plates as tiers separated by the clear candlesticks. Here’s how they turned out:

I did some two tiered and some three tiered. There are so many possibilities with these. I used plates all from the same set, but you could totally mix and match plates and/or use tall and short candlesticks. It was so easy, so affordable and definitely reflects the whimsical, vintage theme of our wedding!



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