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Magical Gray and Pink Wedding

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Today’s wedding is positively enchanting with a beautiful mountain setting, stunning church photos, outdoor reception, ballgown adorned bride and soft gray and pink wedding colors. Clint and Kristina decided to host their reception the day after they married. This is a great way to extend your wedding celebration and relax at your reception. I love how they incorporated rustic and fun elements like the clothespin place cards and the Disney details while maintaining a glamorous feel. Happy Wednesday! xoxo, Jessica

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Kristina & Clint

September 4-5, 2014

Salt Lake City, UT | Millcreek Inn



What was your budget?

My budget was $10,000. I really wanted a small wedding but I splurged in a few areas. I was really picky about my photographer because pictures are all you really get to take away from it. And I had to have the perfect dress and perfect location. I kept the guest list small so I could have a nicer place and a more intimate feel. I hand-made most of my decorations including centerpieces, and I picked a location outdoors so that I really didn’t have to decorate a lot. I had an old family friend make a simple but BEAUTIFUL wedding cake, and had my friends and sisters help me making decorations. I let my entire wedding party pick what they wanted to wear so long as it was in the color scheme and that helped a lot too.

About $5,000 went towards my venue and dinner

$1800 went towards my dress

The bulk of the rest was my photography (they gave me a deal and asked that I not repeat it), centerpieces/decorations and little things here and there that pop up.



How many guests did you have?

80 total not counting me and my husband.



What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

I tried to make it as personal as possible! I wanted to have my hand in pretty much every detail, but I also kept it simple so I didn’t go crazy. I had a few Disney touches, like my cake topper, because I’m a total Disney girl. All the centerpieces were made by hand with a lot of help from my best friends, and the invitations were designed and put together by me.


What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

I kept my wedding list small. I didn’t want people from high school I’d never talked to, or 3rd cousins step kids that I’ve never met there. I wanted it to be people I loved and who had loved me and my husband our whole lives.


What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

Probably just to love the stressful times. When you’re doing everything yourself and making everything you can sometimes feel like it’s taking over your life. But, I look back now and I miss putting together my own flower arrangements and picking out dresses for my sisters. Watching all the little pieces that YOU worked on come together was really so cool in the end. All the things that stressed me out were part of the journey!



What was your biggest splurge?

An $1800 dress that I will only wear once… my budget was $1000 (which I thought was a huge splurge to begin with) but once I tried that dress on, there was no going back! I will say one thing… WORTH IT!



What was your favorite detail?

My venue was completely perfect. I got to be up in the mountains right next to a little stream in late summer… it could not have been better.



What is the most memorable moment of your day?

I should say something about my husband… but honestly it was my friends 2-year-old daughter asking me if I was a real life princess!




Photographer: Logan Walker • Venue: Millcreek Inn • Bridal bouquet: Willow and Wildflowers • Dress: Gateway Bridal and Prom • Wedding cake: Family friend


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