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Making a DIY List and Checking it Twice!

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Danielle Lyrette

Just like Laura, I started my wedding planning process with a hefty DIY list. Being less than a week away from the wedding, I thought I’d let you guys know how I did on my list!

I must preface this post with a bit of a disclaimer. I firmly believe the only reason why I was able to get through so many projects was careful planning, the amazing support of my fiance–who participated in almost every single project–and being a teacher, which means summer vacation. The past three weeks have been HUGE in terms of getting this stuff done.

So, here it is, the original (ambitious) list! Let’s see how I fared, and give you ladies all the links that assisted with my crafty-ness!

  • Our wedding website : CHECK. I made it with Google sites. Super easy and FREE!
  • Pinwheel boutonnieres: CHECK
  • Photo booth back drop: SEMI-CHECK –> The supplies have been bought, but me and the girls will be putting it together while we’re at the cottage (read: venue) the days before the event.
  • Photo booth props: CHECK, thanks to the lovely Poptastic Bride!
  • Burlap table runners: CHECK. One of my amazing MOHs helped me complete them. I used this tutorial.
  • Heart garlands/bunting: DROPPED. I saw this adorable pic of it years ago. However, I was just going to make it with scrapbook paper and twine. We have to setup everything in our outdoor tent the night before, and I’m worried with the morning dew it might not hold up. Plus, we’ve managed to acquire a ton of white xmas lights for the tent. I ended up replacing the bunting with the ever-so-Pinterest-famous hula-hoop chandelier (which, is a SEMI-CHECK, as supplies have been purchased, but not assembled).
  • Old-wood looking signage: CHECK. Dan’s cousin was tearing down an old barn. We took the wood and made signs that look something like this.
  • Tree guest-book/canvas: DROPPED. Dan didn’t love the idea because guests didn’t really get to leave us a message. We opted for this approach instead. We loved that the thumb-prints were still a part of it, but guests could also leave a message! Notably, I did end up making the guest book out of a simple spiral sketch book! So, I guess I can still say CHECK!
  • Yarn lanterns: completely DROPPED. This wasn’t a matter of time, but a matter of transport. My prototype turned out great, but with the venue being two hours away, I wasn’t sure amongst all the other stuff we were hauling up that they would survive. Also, I like them, but didn’t really have a specific place to put them.
  • Scrabble cake topper: The letters L, O, V, and E, hot glued to giant tooth picks. CHECK!
  • Mason jar lanterns: CHECK
  • Giant tomato cans being converted into wine-chilling buckets that will act as centerpieces! CHECK!
  • Writing a bilingual ceremony (French and English): CHECK (post to come!)
  • Seating Chart: CHECK. I made it in PhotoShop, had a civil engineering friend print on his plotter at work (36″x24″) and attached it to a foam-core board from Micheal’s!
  • Reserved signs: CHECK
  • Table thank yous: CHECK
  • Yarn LOVE sign: CHECK
  • Wine labels: CHECK
  • Programs: CHECK (post to come!)
  • Tiny origami stars: CHECK. I must credit Dan with this. He has been away on business the past three weeks, and while staying at the hotel in the evenings, he has folded a ton of these. We are sprinkling them on the tables!
  • Limoncello: CHECK.

On top of this list, I took on one other project which was a little bit crazy. For place settings, we decided to use slices of poplar and burn each guest’s name on it.

DIY wedding projectcs


It took FOREVER. However, it did result in fun visits and wine with various friends who came over to assist on a few different occasions. It was nice to visit with friends, and reflect on each guest as I burned their name into wood. Please note though, with 140 of these to do, this did end up being a 10-ish hour project. The only reason I managed to get through it was by doing it in small doses and with good company!

I am excited so many details at our wedding are us. We poured our heart into this event and I am pumped to see all our DIY wedding projects come together! 🙂DIY wedding projectcs

Are you doing lots of DIY? How are you managing it all? Good luck!

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Danielle Lyrette

is an English teacher from Ottawa, ON, Canada! Before teaching, I was an event planner at the University of Ottawa for the Faculty of Arts. I love reading, experimenting with gluten-free recipes for my hunny, and being crafty!