Making a Wedding Timeline

Wedding Timeline


It's no secret that I'm an extreme planner and may be a little OCD, but it has served me well in my life. When it came to wedding planning, I felt pretty confident throughout most of the process that I'd covered all my bases, but a task I found daunting was the making of a wedding timeline. Luckily, with a little help from some wedding resources, I was able to plan a timeline that is efficient and relatively stress-free. Here's what you need to know and where to find help.

  • Go by the ceremony and reception times. This is pretty obvi. These two things dictate the rest of the stuff so use these as your baseline.
  • Keep your contracts in mind. Your contracts will give you helpful hints into how long you'll have the day of. For example, we are contracted for 9 hours at our venue and have our photographers for 8 hours. We wanted to maximize that time as much as possible.
  • Remember the time of day. With most other wedding details, keep in mind the time of day your wedding takes place. Your timeline will look different for a brunch than it would for a dinner.
  • Research! Thank goodness for the Internet, y'all.  We did a search for wedding planning timelines and found some great templates to use online.
  • Overdo it. Like I said, I'm a little OCD (just a little!), and the timeline is the place to go psycho. My fab mother-in-law is coordinating this mamma-jamma, and I wanted her to have as much info as possible. I also have a separate timeline for my ‘maids that I'll email a few days before so they know what to expect. Furthermore, my fam is coming from about 6 hours away, and I've typed up an entire wedding weekend itinerary with addresses since they won't exactly know where they're going. May sound a bit much, but it's eased my mind regarding many things.

What other things should brides consider in constructing a wedding timeline?

Here's hoping this task goes smoothly for you!

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