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Hi there! So Matt and I got married this past weekend and it has been a CRAZY week. It went SO fast! I can hardly believe it's over. I apologize for being so MIA and I promise as soon as we get back from our two week honeymoon in Costa Rica I will recap it up with some awesome photos!

In the meantime enjoy these little snippets of fun!

Ready to get hitched!
Best photo booth ever!
Cutest ringbearer ever!
Rehearsal dinner fun + terrible laugh face


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  • maria

    I LOVE your photobooth!! How was your experience with Light in the Box? I've had my eye on your rehearsal dinner dress!

    • I want to know the same thing! I'm in love with it!

  • Susan

    I like how the fiance is checking out the terrible laugh face!!!

  • Mary

    Meg, your wedding dress is so beautiful! But I'm dying to know where you got your rehearsal dinner dress! It is amazing!

  • kimmy

    love your dress in the rehersal dinner picture, where did you get that?

  • The photobooth photo made me LOL… in my cubicle. I love the various props (epecially the Batman mask!!) and your speech bubble. You were a gorgeous bride!! 🙂

  • kirabee

    Yay, congrats Meg!! See you when you get back! : )

  • Meg

    Thanks everyone! My rehearsal dinner dress was from light in the and I love it, I highly recommend them!

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  • Cher

    How did the catering work out? I really would like to use Crepes Bonaparte for my wedding, but there are some skeptics in my group (i.e. traditional parents). Can you tell me how long people had to wait to get food or how you staggered groups? Did everyone get enough food/have time to go up for more? Thanks and congrats!

    • Meg

      Cher, Crepes Bonaparte worked well for us, the food was delicious and everyone enjoyed it. We didn't stagger groups, people just kind of staggered themselves as we had a table full of appetizers that some people were still enjoying while others got in line for crepes. It worked out alright although most people weren't sitting and eating at their table together all at once, if I had been better organized I would have sent them up by table or something so that our guests could eat together!
      The line wasn't too long, I believe it was about a 4-5 minute wait in line but no one seemed to mind as everyone was chatting while waiting. Two chefs can make 3-4 crepes in 2-3 minutes so it's pretty fast and there was plenty of time for people to go up for seconds or thirds.
      Hope this helps! I highly recommend them!

      • Cher

        Hi Meg,
        Thanks for your response! I'm convinced that it will go over well… and my parents are slowly coming around too!

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