Meet Ashley: A Cart Before the Horse Bride

Hi, fellow BSBs! I'm Ashley, and I hope to entertain you over the next few months with my stellar wit and occasionally self-deprecating humor. Come, experience my trials and tribulations of planning a New York City wedding on a decidedly un-NYC budget!

A few NY-centric things before I explain  why I am the cart before the horse bride:

1. My life is not, and never has been, like an episode of “Sex and the City.” It's a common misconception from people outside of the metro area. Having said that, my life is also very unlike an episode of “Girls.” (Yes, I watch that much HBO). Not like “Friends” either, although I do wish I had an apartment as big as Monica's. No one really does. At least no one who takes the subway every day.

2. No one I know calls New York City that. It's “New York,” or “the city” (which typically only refers to Manhattan, by the way). All other boroughs — Brooklyn, Queens and the like — are referred to by name, but are still a part of New York City. Long Island is “the Island.” So when I refer to New York or NY, know that I am speaking of the city in the state of the same name.

3. The average wedding in New York costs about $75,000 (thanks, Google). I love this city, and nearly everything about it, but I do not have that much money to spend on my wedding. And, really, even if I did, I wouldn't. I'm practical almost to a fault. I'll take a down payment on a fantastic Brooklyn brownstone over a $75k wedding, thanks. I've been to some phenomenal New York weddings that probably cost that and more. No doubt they were amazing and I was a little (or a lot) jealous. It's just not the best use of my time or money. It's all about preference.

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Now, where were we? Ah yes… the cart before the horse. My most amazing/smart/clever/stunningly handsome fiancé, Matt, proposed on Christmas Day. We decided we wanted to get married on a date, in 2013, that was sentimental to us. We chose July 5th, because my lucky number is seven and his is five. We're cute like that. July 5th, though, meant that I had to move at warp speed — seven months to plan a wedding in the city where we met, where we fell in love, and that we truly love. Knowing that a lot of NY weddings happen after a year or more of planning, I started making lists on December 26th. No time to lose!

I started with the budget, looking into wedding venues, loosing track of large blocks of time on Pinterest… you know, the usual. Within a week or so, though, I found myself getting a little distracted. As in, I may have starting emailing creative geniuses I found on Etsy to create bridal party gifts. Before I have a venue for the bridal party to stand in. I'm THAT bride. The “oh, wouldn't it be amazing if I had yellow tulips in my bouquet because I loooove yellow tulips” chick who, as I mentioned, doesn't even have an aisle to walk down yet. I can check a good five things off my list that were scheduled for May right now. But where I'm going to host these 90 wedding guests? No idea.

Okay, so that's not true. I have an idea. Mostly. I've narrowed it down from a zillion places to, like, ten. It's progress! Onward!

Meet Ashley & Matt

(We love the Yankees. Like, a lot. Told you we're New Yorkers)

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