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Well, hello! I’m Julie of Port Hardy. I’m engaged to a seriously great guy named Adam. I’m 27, he’s 28. We live in the Canadian Rockies. I grew up on the Alberta prairies just outside the tiny little village of Erskine, right smack in the middle of the province. He grew up on the West Coast in the very small town of Port Hardy on the northern-most part of Vancouver Island.

Somehow, by a stroke of luck and no thanks to our geographical upbringing, we both fell in love with the mountains at a very young age. After finishing high school each of us set off to the hills to seek employment in the ski industry – myself in Banff, and Adam in Vernon. After a few years, the Kootenays were calling each of our names. Much to our parents’ delight, their very promising, yet very devoted ski bum children finally enrolled in some post-secondary education. We both moved to Nelson, BC in September of 2005 to buckle down at school. Conveniently for us, Selkirk College is located in Canada's coolest ski town.

Once the winter season kicked off at Whitewater we became great ski hill friends…and not long after we became more than just ski hill friends. A little more than four years later, Adam tracked down a wee little mountain top while on a spring getaway to Montreal. While on the wee little mountain top, he popped the all-important question over a picnic of wine, scrumptious pate and the best mango I have ever tasted. I was [very happily!] caught off guard with the whole thing. You can read the whole story here.

Throughout our relationship, our careers have veered off quite dramatically from the ski hill roots that brought us together. We moved to Victoria, BC in the fall 2007 for some more schooling. I studied at the Western Academy of Photography and now I have a little photo biz. Adam earned his Red Seal for cooking and quickly became the sous chef at an incredible waterfront restaurant. In 2009 we relocated to Canmore, AB and we love it here! Adam has recently returned to the snow biz after landing a millwright apprenticeship at a local ski resort, Nakiska. I am just thrilled that my chef now has a 9-5ish gig and we get to eat dinner together once again.

We’ve had a long [& incredibly awesome] engagement – we’ve been planning this shindig since May 2010. We have decided to host our wedding close to home…at a campsite in the Kananaskis Valley. Ultimately, it will be a really stylish  bushparty in the woods like none other. We’ve sent out about 60 invites meaning there could be around 120 people in attendance for the festivities and we are hoping to keep the budget around $12000.

Julie Port Hardy
photo credit:

Julie Port Hardy

photo credit

Julie Port Hardy

Julie Port Hardy

photo credit: Judge Roy Bean – Jackson Hole, WY. He's a keeper, can you believe I was actually able to convince him to do these horrendously tacky, but awesome portraits?

Julie Port Hardy

Julie Port Hardy

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