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Meet Our Sponsor: Traveler's Joy

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honeymoon registry

Please give a warm BSB welcome to a new sponsor, Traveler’s Joy! Allow me to introduce you to the site, which allows couples to register for a Honeymoon! If you’re the type of couple who prefers experiences over ‘things,’ then Traveler’s Joy is perfect for you!

honeymoon registry

Traveler’s Joy is the top online honeymoon registry service in the world. Since 2005, Traveler’s Joy has helped tens of thousands of couples take their dream honeymoon. After signing up, Traveler’s Joy will provide you with a registry page to share your honeymoon plans (items, activities, and experiences) with your wedding guests. Friends and family visit your registry page and select a specific gift to give toward your honeymoon.  Collect your gifts at any time by requesting a bank check or transfer and you’re off on the honeymoon of your dreams!

honeymoon registry

Their Instant Registry feature allows you to complete their registry in just minutes! When setting up your gift inventory you can choose from a list of premade theme based (think beach, cruise, mountains) or location specific (think Italy, St. Lucia) registries. With one click you can instantly add items and experiences to your registry specific to the theme or destination. You can edit or delete any item at any time and also add plenty more of your own. We have over 40 of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. It is really a great way for you to build the foundation of your honeymoon registry. After some personal customization, you can have your registry ready to share with friends and family.

Traveler’s Joy recently added more ‘physical items’ their Members are registering for that are related to their honeymoon. Some examples include travel guidebooks, cameras, video-cameras, luggage, snorkeling gear, and even newlywed flip flops.  Their registry system makes it really easy to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable gift pieces. So all your coworkers can chip in on a camera that may cost $500 by splitting it up into 5 gifts of $100.

honeymoon registry

“Traveler’s Joy is the perfect solution for couples who have it all.” -Style Me Pretty

“There are many registries of this kind, but Traveler’s Joy is arguably the best.” -New York Magazine

You can read some reviews from real couples here!

Skip the blender. Create lifelong memories with your honeymoon registry by Traveler’s Joy!

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