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Mercury Glass Wedding Decor from Luna Bazaar

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gold mercury glass wedding decor from luna bazaar
mercury glass wedding decor vessels

Mercury Glass is a popular choice for wedding decor, and for good reason!

Mercury glass is as versatile as it is beautiful. Neutral metallic mercury glass such as silver or gold works great as an accent to a number of wedding colors, so you really can’t go wrong with incorporating it into your wedding decor.

One of our favorite sources for mercury glass decor items is our partners, Luna Bazaar!

They offer an assortment of Mercury Glass Decor Items in various colors to coordinate with any wedding theme! Mercury glass can be dressed up or dressed down to accommodate the look you are going for, be it vintage, classic, elegant, rustic, or modern – just check out the colors below!

Colors of Mercury Glass for Wedding Decor

Mercury glass items feature an antiqued metallic finish, which is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any table setting, home decor, dinner party, wedding, or special occasion!

Painted mercury glass may also be described as antique silvered glass, faux mercury glass, and faux-antiqued mercury glass. The painted method is much more safe and affordable, giving brides the charming, luxe look for less!

silver mercury glass wedding decor from luna bazaar

Silver Mercury Glass

Mercury glass has been in use for over 200 years, and the distinct speckled, shimmering look was created with the use of real mercury. Today’s version is actually just painted glass to achieve the same stunning look created by the traditional method, for less!

gold mercury glass wedding decor from luna bazaar

Gold Mercury Glass

One of the best things about mercury glass candle holders or votives is how they shimmer and sparkle! A lit candle inside a mercury glass vessel gives off an even more magical vibe for a truly romantic ambiance.

rose gold mercury glass wedding decor from luna bazaar

Rose Gold Mercury Glass

For a sweet, delicate, and romantic look, try these rose gold mercury glass vessels to accent your wedding centerpieces!

red mercury glass wedding decor from luna bazaar

Rustic Red Mercury Glass

If you are looking for something a little more sultry, wintry, or even gothic, this new rustic red mercury glass from Luna Bazaar packs quite the punch.

antique white mercury glass wedding decor from luna bazaar

Antique White Mercury Glass

If you are going for a vintage, rustic, or country feel for your wedding decorations, this antique white mercury glass is as beautiful as it is unique! Instead of choosing burlap and lace, go for these chic vessels.

How to Decorate Your Wedding with Mercury Glass

  • Incorporate metallic vessels or vases into your centerpieces
  • Use mercury glass candlesticks on your ceremony altar
  • Include mercury glass tea lights around your main table arrangement
  • Hang mercury glass vessels from above
  • Give mercury glass votives as a wedding favor
  • Style your aisle with mercury glass lanterns
  • Add a splash of color with colored mercury glass
  • Incorporate mercury glass accents in your personal flowers
  • Use mercury glass to decorate your ceremony altar or aisle
  • Choose mercury glass bud vases instead of one large centerpiece
  • Display mercury glass sculptures as decor
  • Use mercury glass vases to hold straws, sparklers, pens, etc!

Are you using mercury glass as part of your wedding decorations?

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mercury glass wedding decor
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