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Heyyyyy fellow brides-to-be. I’m Amanda, and I am planning a lovely, fairly low-key winter wedding for January 2012. I’m 23 and a reporter at the Glasgow Daily Times in the small town of Glasgow, Ky., and my fiancé is Dave, also 23, and a high school math teacher in the same town. We both love to travel and plan to spend a few years living abroad, but for now we are thoroughly enjoying the new experience of living in a charming little town surrounded by cows. 🙂

We met on a camping trip with our Honors College during our freshman year at Western Kentucky University. At the time I had a boyfriend, but Dave and I became friends and started hanging out. Fast forward a year to the second semester of our sophomore year, and we were both single and suddenly nearly inseparable-before we knew it, we were “official.”

From there, our relationship gets a little unusual. Throughout the next two years, I spent three months on a traveling internship, Dave spent a semester in Germany and I spent a semester in Ecuador, along with me going home to Virginia over breaks and Dave staying in Kentucky. By the time I graduated, he and I had spent about nine months out of our two-year relationship in the same state. Then I graduated a semester before him and moved back to Virginia, so we had another eight months of lovely long distance before I miraculously got my first job 40 minutes from where he was living. We have an extensive postcard and love letter collection. 🙂

So in January of 2011, I moved to Glasgow to be a reporter and Dave was living in Bowling Green, teaching. We had been talking about getting married since we’d been together for about six months, but I figured it would be a while before he could afford a ring and whatnot. Well, the first pretty Saturday in March Dave suggested we go on a picnic at Barren River Lake, one of our favorite places, and at the end of the picnic, I had a ring on my finger! (It was actually a very funny conversation that transitioned into the proposal, but I'll save that for another time.)

Dave and I are mostly paying for this shindig on our own, with help here and there from family, and since neither of us pursued big money-making careers, we are attempting to keep our budget at $7,500. The wedding ceremony will be at the Catholic campus center on WKU's campus in Bowling Green, Ky., and the reception will be at Barren River Lake State Resort Park. Oh, and we've invited something like 230 guests. And after only a week since invitations went out, we're getting a lot more “yeses” than I expected, so it might be crazy.

If you'd like to know why we're getting married in January, check out this song by The Avett Brothers- yes, a song is the sole reason we chose a January date (although it's turned out to be a great thing), but that's the way Dave is. His life revolves around music and math. And me 🙂

Since we have less than three months left, some of my initial blogs will be recaps, but we didn't actually start planning the whole thing until June, so you haven't missed too much! I always thought I'd do a nice 18-month engagement, so the less-than-10-month whirlwind has been an adventure!

met on a camping trip
Dave and I eating helado de coco at Mitad del Mundo on the Equator in Ecuador, fall 2009
met on a camping trip
Dave and I in Natural Bridge State Park in Kentucky, July 2011

met on a camping trip

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  • Hey Amanda! It's Heather (previous post); nice to meet you. Sounds like you and I might have some stuff in common; Jon and I spent a good chunk of our relationship apart, we were both also in the honors program, my undergrad major was English/Journalism, etc. So in other words, you're cool! Let's be friends! haha. Can't wait to read about your journey (esp. since I am doing the long engagement thing, so the contrast will be interesting)!

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