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I fell in love with these postcards on Vistaprint, and with a $10 for $50 worth of products on Groupon, I changed the text and used them as my Save the Dates. As you can see, they’re birds with hearts, completely out of line with my carnival theme.

Mismatched Stationary

Then, when we went to AC Moore, and they had invites for 75% off, and I just absolutely adored the pink and green pattern on these. Again, unmatched to our carnival theme.

Mismatched Stationary

So we started thinking just how much matching to our theme did we think was necessary? My favorite gentleman started making silly suggestions

“Let’s have our wedding officiated by a clown!”

“That carnival music that’s always on full blast when we go? Let’s have that instead of a DJ!”

“Let’s forget about all about our budget and rent Ferris wheels and carousels!”

All of these things sounded ridiculous, and that’s when I remembered why we wanted a carnival wedding in the first place; because everyone has a great time at them!

So we decided that what we really wanted was a carnival feel; the ambiance of a carnival. We’re having a bounce house, and a caricature artist, and a candy buffet with swirly lollipops, button candy, and other colorful treats. We have the Ferris wheel print & balloon centerpieces, and the ticket advice cards (which I’ll be posting about later!).

So if our attire and invitations don’t exactly match our theme? Well, frankly, I just don’t see what the big deal is. Am I alone in this?


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I'm Denise, and in May of 2013 I'll be marrying my best friend of over a decade. By the time we get married, we'll have had a 2 year engagement. I also post on my own blog

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  • I like this post!

    I never did really understand why all your stationary has to match the theme of your wedding anyway. My Save the Date invites (you can see them on my blog up there!) are movie-themed and one person said to my SIL to be, “I don’t get it, is their wedding going to be movie-themed?” and she said, “No, but they fell in love while having regular movie date nights, so it was appropriate.” — why does everything have to match? Besides, who is even going to notice once they arrive at your wedding, and if they do, why will they care?

  • Lauren

    I absolutely love your invitations!! I’ve never heard of AC Moore, is this on line or a place near where you live? I’m getting married September 6th and am looking into invites.

    • Denise

      It is an Arts & Crafts store chain; I live on the East Coast and they’re relatively easy to find here, so I think depending on your location you should be able to find them easily.

  • I don’t know. I think maybe you should have found tickets or something? Or maybe, you go with whatever invitation, and add two or three “admit one” tickets to at least hint at the Carnival ambiance.

    • Denise

      In both cases, when I found ticket type invitations/Save the Dates, they were either above our budget, or visually not really in tune with what we’re looking for.

      The point I was trying to make with this post, was that if you fall in love with an invitation (or anything else for that matter) that isn’t really in line with the theme for your wedding, don’t stress about it!

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