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Money and Marriage : Research Study for Couples

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Hey ladies and gents. I think we can all agree that money is a source of stress for pretty much every couple, whether planning a wedding or just working on your monthly budget with your spouse. It’s widely known that money and financial issues are one of the biggest problems that couples have in their marriages. E & I personally share a checking and savings account but we have many friends who feel it’s better to keep their money separate. That’s why I was so interested in the study that Scott Rick, Ph.D. is conducting and thought I’d pass the info on to all of you! If you’re interested in participating you can get $250 in compensation. Take it away Scott!


We are conducting a study on money and marriage where we’ll be examining the relationship between how couples manage their money (using joint or separate accounts) and the psychological and financial well-being of the couple. If you and your partner participate in the study, we’ll ask you to manage your money a particular way and then periodically email you short surveys assessing your psychological and financial well-being. Couples who complete the two-year study will receive $250.

At this point, we are gauging interest in the study and building a list of people who are interested in learning more. If you are 18 or older, engaged (or soon-to-be-engaged), and would be interested in learning more, please take our survey by clicking here.

The survey should take between 5 and 10 minutes. We’ll ask you for some background information regarding your relationship (for example, when you plan to marry and how you currently manage your finances). If you would be interested in receiving more information about the study, we will ask for your email address.

Thanks, and best wishes for a happy marriage.

Scott Rick, Ph.D.
Ross School of Business
University of Michigan

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