Montage Wedding Album Review

My wedding was nearly 1 year ago, but due to difficulties with our photographer I never received a wedding album.  I’ve been procrastinating  putting one together myself so when the opportunity came up to review a wedding photo book from Montage, I jumped immediately!


Montage Wedding Album Creation Website

Originally we had purchased a photo package from my photographer that included an album that was to be a 10 page spread (20 pages total).  However, we encountered multiple issues with our photographer. First, an additional 7 spreads were added to the sample book that she wanted to charge us an extra $700 (Mind you this was above the $1,200 we were already paying for her album package!). Second, the album she was presenting to us was what we felt to be extremely poor quality. The layout was atrocious and photos were off centered and looked oddly laid out. Not something we would expect from a ‘professional’.

Personally, the Montage book I received went above and beyond my expectations for a DIY wedding album and far exceeded a ‘professionals’ album!  My album arrived neatly boxed and suspense built while unpacking everything!

1Montage Box

Unpackaging my wedding album. Inside of the shipping box was a nice keepsake storage box to protect the album.

2Montage Box

My wedding album!

I love how thick the pages are (thicker than normal online photo books I’ve purchased in the past). The album had eco-friendly leather imported from Italy that was super soft.

4 Montage Album Cover

Photos can be placed on the front cover of the leather bound album.

The inner front and back pages were collections of all the photos I had arranged in the book. I took my album to work to show several co-workers and everyone unanimously commented how neat this looked.

5 Montage Inside Jacket

Inside collection of all my wedding photos included in the album.

I found the Montage site was extremely easy to use. First, I uploaded the photo files directly from my computer.


After all the files were uploaded, there is a button to hit called, “Create My Montage” where your album is arranged for you.


Montage then builds your album


You then choose a Theme (I choose Portfolio Black)


Once everything was arranged, I could go back and personally rearrange the photos how I wanted them. The only draw back to Montage was I wanted the photos to be laid out in chronological order for a story telling type album. Montage arranged everything regardless of the time period the photos were taken. But, it wasn’t hard to edit and re-layout the pages.


Montage offers three sizes of books in affordable pricing.  The book I chose was ‘Medium’ and had 26 pages total. Plus, shipping was extremely quick! I received my book within 5 business days of ordering.


For the value, I would certainly recommend ordering from Montage.  In all, my book would have cost under $70 with shipping. This is over a $1,800 savings of what my photographer was attempting to charge me for a lesser quality book!  I still have additional wedding photos from family & friends I’d like to have created into a larger album along with my honeymoon photos.  After the wonderful quality and ease of use, I plan on using Montage to create these!

6 Montage Inside

Inside details of my album. I was holding the album in this photo, but I loved the thicker, lay flat pages!

One last aspect of Montage that I was very impressed with is their return policy. If you are not in love with your book, a return service is offered! This is not a service I’ve seen offered with other online photo album ordering sites.

3 Montage Return

In exchange for sharing my thoughts on Montage’s services and offerings, I was given a wedding album.  Rest assured all opinions are 100% my own and are in no way influenced by this exchange.

Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more pandemic wedding resources here

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