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We were supposed to get married in front of the house- but with the weather being so iffy we moved everything under the covered porch. But that allowed us to get this unobstructed shot of us on the front porch. Enjoy more bride and groom pics below.
Bride and Groom pics
Bride and Groom pics
Bride and Groom picsBride and Groom pics

I love the tree line that points to us in the middle… cool angle!


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  • I love the picture of ya’ll on the front porch!

  • Hey there! So I love your blog by the way. But I understand that you are a graphic designer. I could totally do my own, but I don’t have the tools like InDesign or whatever to design my own programs… I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing them? If that is something you even do.. and how much you would charge?
    Let me know. I thought I’d ask you first, before I open it up to everyone!

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