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I've read a few other blogs where the author has written about their wedding nightmares… I didn't think this would happen to me. But this morning I woke up in a cold sweat after a terrifying dream involving and revolving around my wedding.

Basically, it was all wrong from the start. It wasn't held at a church or a beautiful outdoor venue- my entire dream wedding was held within the banquet room of some hotel. Eww. Totally not me. And the colors were very reminiscent of the wedding in Steel Magnolias… (“My colors are blush and bashful,” -‘Her colors are PINK and PINK'.) Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of all colors. It's the artist in me. All my life I've never really had a favorite color because I could never decide- (but that might be more about my indecisiveness than about colors…) Anyway, I just don't see Pepto-Bismol pink as a color option for myself.

I apparently was so swept up in the craziness of the day that I never got my hair done and only had makeup on one side of my face. WTF? I know this wouldn't happen in real life but OMG. I looked like hell. And then, for some reason or another, my 3 close high-school friends/bridesmaids never showed up- which in my dream I didn't realize until the next day. How could I overlook that? There was a reception and I had alot of fun, we drank and danced the night away. E and I looked at each other at one point and giggled and said, “We did it! We're MARRIED!” That was probably the best part- feeling that relief that I can't wait to feel a little over 9 months from now!

And then it seemed that the dream fast forwarded far into the future, but I later realized it was really like a day or two after the wedding. I was back waiting tables at some crappy restaurant, serving some seriously rude customers who all kept gawking at the fact that I had gotten married so young. (Excuse me? I will be 25 when we get married- do people even consider that to be really young? And why the hell was I waiting tables? I have a perfectly good BFA in Graphic Design!)

I can't believe the wedding nightmare fairy visited me last night… I never thought it would happen to me. Hopefully it's like lightning, and doesn't strike the same bride twice. All in all it was terrible and I hope it never happens again.

Did any of you have terrible dreams involving your wedding?

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  • Tina

    Well remember the crappy, hotel conference room? That is where I got married last night, it was suppose to be on the beach in the middle of a sand heart with flower petals and kids destroying the sand, but it was in the hotel room. A few hours before the wedding it started raining which is normal for Fl, but most of the time it is gone 30 minutes later, but this one stayed for hours, (4 almost 5)the gazbo would not work since it was raining sideways. So it was moved for a 3rd time to a hotel room. With me trying to look and act ok,but my heart was broken, and I dare not show it to my now husband because he was the one that pushed for the big wedding when I was trying to keep it simple.

    The 5 star restaurant that we went to had music so loud that we could not hear each other, my husband traded paint with another car, and my daughter had a melt down when she had to stay with her dad because it was my wedding night, she cried so hard so made herself sick in the parking lot. We left ate taco bell, while he was gone getting food… I walked onto the beach wedding dress and all around midnight just staring at the ocean, trying to find my center or calmness again. I know a few people on the beach must have thought I was going to jump in, huge dress, veil blowing in the ocean breeze…but it was midnight and I think they were assured I was going to dunk myself into the ocean.

    So my 8-8-8 wedding is now over, and I can not tell anyone else how sad the day made me, accept for you and the rest of the interent world.

    Sad bride in Florida

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