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Dear fellow budget Savvy Brides and Readers,

First things first. I owe every single one of you a heartfelt apology. I've been very sucky as a bride blogger. I promise I have a reason though. One that I couldn't control, I won't get into too many details, it's personal and not something I want the world to know, but I owe you an explanation.

In the days, weeks, and months leading up to my wedding, my family was falling apart. I spent a lot of time running back and forth trying to find some sense of stability and trying to keep everything on track. Making sure payments were made, attending final meetings and fittings, finishing making decorations, confirming day of appointments and trying to keep my own head on straight all while mediating arguments within my family.  My parents and their relationship were crumbling, it's still not back on solid ground. My dad was taking things hard and in turn, got sick. Two days before my wedding, we were rushing him to the ER at 10:00 in the evening and we were there until 3:00 a.m. the day before my big day. The day of, it took everything in me not to break down. Strangely enough, my photographer was the person who helped me pull it together, she managed to distract me and offered me a hug I needed more than I think she knew. She also reminded me of one important detail that I had nearly forgotten….

That day was about me, and Nathan, and no one else.

It didn't matter that, in that moment, my family was exploding in my living room, all that mattered was that Nathan was waiting for me at the church ready to make me his wife.

And, in the end, my day was perfect, for that reason.

The best advice I can give, whether you are a budget savvy bride or have the world at your finger tips, is that on that day nothing else matters. Not your budget, the arguments you had along the way, your decorations, your food. All that matters is that you are standing beside the person that you love, and that you know that forever will never be long enough with them.

And with the I leave you with these. (All photos belong to Jessica Vogelsang)

With wishes of life long love and happiness to you all.


If you would like to see more of our perfect day, please visit Jessica's blog

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About Joscelyn

My name is Joscelyn, I'm 24 years old and live in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I work with children on the Autism Spectrum and am currently enrolled in grad school for special education. I'm recently engaged and planning my dream wedding, I can't wait to share it!

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  • Joscelyn,
    How brave of you to share this! You are right in deciding what matters most. There are more brides than you realize who also have a lot of discord going on before their big day. Your willingness to share your story along with the way you rose above it all to honor this very sacred ceremony, is going to help a lot of other brides who may find themselves in a similar situation.
    Congratulations to you and Nathan!
    I wish you all the love your hearts can hold.


  • Lauryn

    Such a good reminder – thanks for sharing this!

  • Hi Joscelyn,

    The pictures are very beautiful! Your story was also very inspiring. It’s good that you and Nathan were able to come back and remember what was most important that day! Congratulations and I wish you all the best in your marriage!

  • What a heartfelt post. I’m glad you had Nathan there to help you through everything and I only have the best of thoughts and wishes for you both and your family in mind!

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