My Wedding Thankful List

Because it is Thanksgiving week, and I only have to work three days this week, and I REALLY want to procrastinate and not start on making the orange marmalade or myriad of pies that are awaiting me, I want to use this week to give Budget WEDDING thanks. So, here they are, in no particular order and off the top of my head (which means I’m certainly going to forget something and remember it later and probably add it in the comments..) My wedding thankful list:

1. Obviously, my wonderful fiancΓ©.

Without him, I wouldn’t be doing all of this, and without him none of it would be worth it. I am thankful that he understands that some days, I’m REALLY concerned about some minute detail that means absolutely nothing but to me it is a HUGE deal. And, that other days, something that should matter a lot, I really just want him to pick something for me and go with it because I cannot stand to make another decision that day.

2. My momma

She keeps me grounded, she’s completely willing to indulge me in the things she knows really matters but is not afraid to tell me that something is extremely overpriced, no matter how much I rationalize it.

3. Future In-Laws who care, but are not overbearing.

My fiancee’s family is so helpful and considerate, but I also do not feel like they try to take over my wedding or that they don’t hear my feelings and opinions.

4. Bridesmaids who are AWESOME.

See a couple weeks ago. You know why they are amazing. We picked a dress while shopping for my wedding dress, there was no drama about it, and they all got it ordered within a month of each other and got a discount on them. They rock!

5. A photographer who takes phenomenal pictures, but is willing to negotiate prices.

Our photographer gave us a great deal because we are having our wedding on a Friday. A package that usually costs around $2500, she is willing to give us for about $1700.

6. A venue and wedding coordinator who are willing to listen.

It hasn’t been sunshine and roses all the way with the venue for me. I had some very serious concerns and I was VERY upset. Luckily, the wedding coordinator was very professional and responded to all my questions and concerns promptly. Hallelujah for her.

7. Goodwill Stores!

Ok, so that is a little odd but Goodwill is a treasure trove of supplies for wedding crafts, the stuff is cheap, and you get the feel good bonus that your wedding purchases are actually going to a non-profit that does great work to help the disadvantage in your community.

8. Friends not involved in the wedding but who are willing to be a soundboard.

Sometimes, you just need to talk about this darn wedding business with someone who can be completely snarky and realistic about it. Though bridesmaids are amazing, they may feel sometimes they cannot tell you how silly something is because they know you want it. Non involved friends don’t have that commitment and you need them sometimes to say, “Um.. seriously?” in that tone that says, OMG THATS CRAZY, before they know how much you actually believed in it until that moment.

9. Coupons – from Michaels, Joanns, and other assorted retailers.

For obvious reasons (PS any great black friday sales that can benefit all of us? Let us know if you know of any!)


(shameless, aren’t i?) We all love them. They allow all of us brides, from all over the place to get together and sound off and join together. I’m so thankful for all of the readers of this blog, and thankful for the myriad of other blogs that I patronize almost daily for the ideas, inspiration, and sometimes the simple entertainment they afford.

Let us know what you are “wedding thankful” for!

I hope everyone has a blessed and enjoyable holiday this week and eats a lot. I command you all to go off your “wedding diets” for at least Thursday. You can work it off on Friday shopping! (See how I did that? Two indulgences are excuses for each other. YES!)

Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more pandemic wedding resources here.Β 

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