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I know the name is kind of weird, but I love kneehole desks. The furnished room I rented out in college had an old one, and I used it as a vanity/makeup/hair table. They are great because they have so many deep drawers for storage- it hid all of my many beauty items away and out of sight. Ever since I left that desk behind, I dread the thought of standing to do my hair or makeup. I would rather sit on the floor! Actually, I'd rather find another kneehole desk for cheap on Craigslist and give it a facelift with a new coat of paint and some fancy schmancy knobs. Because these things are kinda pricey. 😛
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How I miss sitting in front of my 10x magnification mirror with touch light to pluck my eyebrows and apply my makeup. Maybe someday I will find another kneehole desk that I love. 🙁

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  • sgdish

    I love them too…especially painted. I did one black for one room. I write/work from an antique cream colored french writing desk with beautiful trim. I enjoy sitting there..makes me feel special!

  • Rhonda

    I had no idea that’s what these are called! I have an antique one that my grandparents refinished for me when I was little. It’s still in my childhood home. Waiting to have the space for it so I can refinish it and put it in my own place!

  • you’ve officially inspired me to go back to the old-school kneehole desk for our office desk. 🙂

  • you’re so right! i have a typical vanity in our bedroom and I can’t imagine not having my place to sit to do my makeup and hair! when we travel i’m definitely the one sitting on the floor instead of standing! I adore the last picture of the desk – so sweet!

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