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New Bridal Blogger: Tara

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I’m Tara and I’m very excited to be a new bridal blogger for BSB!  My fiancé Kyle and I have been together for a little over three years now, and engaged for seven months with about 5 months left before our big day.  We met in September 2011 shortly after I moved to Pittsburgh, PA for graduate school.  Kyle’s proposal did not come as much of a surprise.  He was moving to Houston, TX and I made it very clear that I was not quitting my job and moving to Texas for my boyfriend.  So, he bought me a ring, and we moved to the Lone Star state together over the summer!

Kyle and I at PNC Park
Catching a game at PNC Park

Kyle left for Houston a week after he proposed and I followed six weeks later, so the month after our engagement was quite a whirlwind.  The first decision we made was to have the wedding in my hometown of Lancaster, PA, rather than in Houston and that we would not be married in the fall (Kyle is a huge football fan and believes that fall weddings are rude and wrong.)  Big decisions quickly started falling into place out of necessity and before I knew it, we had booked the Ephrata Main Theater for April 25th!




Our wedding budget is $10,000, and we are very lucky that Kyle’s father is paying for many of the larger expenses such as venue, food, and alcohol.  Most of our wedding is DIY – I am making the bouquets, my mom is baking cupcakes, my maid of honor is designing the invitations.  I am definitely excited to share some of my projects!  We also have the mixed blessing of having three sets of parents who care a lot about the wedding.  While it’s wonderful to have all these people excited about the big day, they also drive me crazy.  Kyle’s mom thinks we’re having a formal affair while my mom thinks it should be some back-yard family reunion, so I’ve already experience headaches on everything from music to decorations.  I hope you all not only get good advice and tips from my posts but also give me ideas and support when I’m really confused!


"Family Photo" with our dog Geno
“Family Photo” with our dog Geno

I’m looking forward to sharing my wedding planning journey with everyone!


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