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I am so excited to join the BSB team for the next few months as my fiancé and I count down to our wedding day. I first started reading BSB many years ago when one of my close friends was planning her wedding. The project ideas and tips kept me coming back whenever I had an occasion to think up something crafty for.

Bride Blogger Anne

Image Credit: Urban Safari Photography

Drew and I first met back in 2006 when several of my sorority sisters [Delta Delta Delta] started dating his fraternity brothers [Beta Theta Pi]. Throughout college our groups were paired together for events and Drew attended nearly as many of my sorority’s formals as I did, almost always as the back-up date for one or another of the girls.

After I graduated we lost touch and I moved out of state for a job. It wasn’t until just a couple years ago when work brought me back to our college town that he and I reconnected and have been together ever since.

Bride Blogger Anne

Image Credit: Urban Safari Photography

Drew proposed to me at Del Frisco’s Steakhouse during his family’s traditional Christmas Dinner. About a year ago now, I had started working at the corporate office of a jewelry store, Shane Co. Lucky for Drew this gave me tons of opportunity to daydream about my favorite ring and styles so when he reached out one of my girlfriends for help she knew exactly what ring I had been dreaming about.

Bride Blogger Anne

Following dinner we headed into the cigar lounge of the restaurant for desert.  Drew asked I join him in looking at cigars in the humidor and knowing nothing about cigars I initially refused to go. After some convincing I headed with Drew into the small walk-in humidor where he had asked the staff to help him prep his proposal. There in the case with the cigars, under a label with the big question on it was the ring.

Bride Blogger Anne

Ever since we’ve been a whirlwind of planning and have had a wonderful time working together to put together our perfect day. We are getting married this August and we are both excited to be sharing our journey with you over the next few months!

Bride Blogger Anne


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I'm Annie! I grew up just outside of Denver and after moving around the country after college (Go ColoState!) I am excited to be back in my home state and marrying the love of my life next August. My day job is managing social media and staying on top of the latest technology and trends is my passion. I am so excited to merge my three favorite things, social media, DIY and my fiance Drew as we count down the days to our wedding!

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  • Hooray!! Welcome! Love the bridge pictures, btw! 🙂 Looking forward to learning more about your big day!

    • Thank you! I love how all our engagement photos came out – we were lucky since that day was 6 degrees and everyone was freezing!

  • That’s so funny you refused to go to the cigar lounge at first! I’m sure that had him sweating a bit 🙂

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