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I’m never getting married.

Yep, that’s what I always said. I mean always. I’m a product of divorce who is also a product of divorce. I’m just keeping it real when I say divorce numbers are high. And in case you weren’t aware Marriage is the number one cause of divorce.


But now I’m getting married. In October (in less than 6 months) we’re throwing a wedding for 100 guests. Oh, and I’m doing it all for less than our $1,000K wedding budget. Yep. I’ve officially lost it. I guess that’s what happens though, I can’t imagine anyone is perfectly sane and thinking ahead when they decide to get married and have a wedding – you’re blinded by the Happily Ever After that follows “I do”. No one stops to think it all out first: My immediate family is about 65 people. I can’t have a small wedding even if I stick to the shortest guest list possible. That is going to be expensive. Then there’s the honeymoon. And do I change my name? HOW do I change my name? Is that going to cost me too? Crap, this is going to be really expensive. And a headache. Who will be in my bridal party? Do I have to include my siblings? There’s a lot of them. Do I have to buy them all gifts? What does “tradition” say about that? – Except for me. I totally have been thinking all those things for about the whole 10 years that  Jose & I have been together. That’s a long time to be mentally prepared to never do something that now I am getting crazy about doing.  So yep, I’ve totally lost it….but I am enjoying the heck out of it. I will totally plead temporary insanity while I get all girly and excited about this whole princess for a day thing. I’ve got a Pinterest board full of ideas and I have dreamed up the whole thing already. Including my budget – which I am a super budgeter and DIYer – just like lots of my friends and family who are my A Team on this project.

1,000K wedding budget

We’re getting married October 25th, just 2 days before my 27th birthday on the 27th. I’ve already booked the location. It’s a very rustic historic boat house in a park my family spent all our time at growing up here in my hometown of Miami, FL. I chose a teal & neutral color palette and am doing very minimal decorating since the place has a ton of natural beauty I don’t want to lose. My almost Father-In-Law is a Pastor and he will be marrying us just like he has married his other 3 kids. We have a 2 year old son, Elijah, who will not be my ring bearer like everyone expects – he is going to walk me down the aisle instead. I’m going to wear a high-low style dress and not wear heels (I hate heels!). My older cousin Jenny is going to be my Maid of Honor and I’m only having two friends as bridesmaids. I don’t care anymore about the stuff I was worried about before he popped the question. I’m getting married! I’m having a wedding! Me! And thanks to Jessica I get to share this journey – including all my craziness – with all of you here on the blog!

1,000K wedding budget

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