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A New Take on Honeymoon Accomodations

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Planning and budgeting for a wedding can be overwhelming, so when we began thinking about our honeymoon we knew that we wanted something that will be both relaxing and affordable. Brady and I limited ourselves to staying somewhere in the country, but there were still so many places we wanted to go that it was hard to narrow it down!

A great resource is airbnb,  which allows people to rent out their properties. There are tons of great places to stay for much more affordable prices than many hotels for a good amount of space. And there are listings for places all around the world! Almost anywhere you can think to go–someone has a place for you!

We really like the idea of staying in a house/duplex/somewhere bigger than a hotel room because we don’t like feeling cooped up in a small space, especially when we’re away from real life for a few days! We wouldn’t be able to afford a large deluxe hotel room or a resort at this time, so airbnb proved a great place to look. In addition, we both really enjoy cooking, and plan to do some of that on our honeymoon in order to save some more money!

It took us a long time to pick where we wanted to honeymoon, but that decision was quickly made after a conversation with my family. I told them that we looked into airbnb and I discovered that my cousins in the San Diego area had started renting out a duplex that they own on that site!! My uncle remodels and rents and sells homes, but they have a couple of properties that they wanted to start opening up to visitors. This quickly became an extremely affordable option for us (because my sweet family will let us stay there for FREE!!), but I was also impressed with the price even if it had been something we needed to pay for.

We are so excited to stay in this cute Beach Hideaway, within walking distance to the beach, with privacy and space, close to some beautiful places, and for a very good price!


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