New Tradition From an Old Dress

Today I’m going to take a few minutes to brag on my grandmother and share her creative (and super sweet) new tradition from an old dress idea with you! About a month after getting engaged, I got a call from Grandma. We talked for a bit and then she led into what she really called to discuss with me with “I was thinking about my old wedding dress and….”

At that moment I was very afraid that she would suggest that I wear the dress or display it at the wedding. I think it’s super sweet when other people use their family members’ old dresses in those ways, but my style is vastly different from hers.

I was delighted when she went on to explain her idea of using her wedding dress to make a pillow for the ring bearer to carry down the isle! She plans to make 7 for all of her granddaughters to have for our weddings!! Below you can see the result:

New Tradition From an Old Dress

In addition to the pillow, Grandma included a picture of her and Grandpa from their wedding day! It’s also a great way for me to see all the different fabrics of the dress that were pieced together onto the pillow.

New Tradition From an Old Dress

She used the lace from the bottom of the dress, the main fabric from the skirt, and the flower was even made from some of the sleeve material and headpiece! She included a green ribbon to go with our wedding colors.

New Tradition From an Old Dress

“Made with love from my wedding dress -Grandma”
(Doug and Judy White)
August 15, 1964

This is such a special way for Grandma to pass down a piece of her wedding to her granddaughters. It’s kind of fun seeing the traditions that are starting since I am the oldest grandchild and the first to be getting married!

What traditions are y’all bringing into your wedding? Does your family pass down any objects or pieces from their weddings?

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