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Newlywed Life

{Us at a wedding this past spring!}

So over the years, I know that it's been hard for E to come up with gift ideas for me for Birthday, Christmas, anniversaries, etc. So I really try to drop hints like CRAZY to ensure that I get something that I want, because I know my husband is not a mind reader. Everybody wins this way, because it makes him happy to make me happy, and frankly, surprises make me anxious. So more often than not, I will expressly tell him flat out what it is that I want.

Because I work on a computer all day and am often huddling over my laptop like a hunchback, I've been experiencing some back pain and tightness in my shoulders, so since before thanksgiving I've been dropping the hint that I want a massage. ATTN MEN: You can NEVER go wrong with a spa gift certificate as a gift for your lady. Every woman loves to feel pampered and getting a massage is just so relaxing, not to mention good for you! Anyway, when I didn't get a massage for Christmas, I obviously wasn't too upset since E had gotten me a puppy! That was understandable. But I had it in my head that if I did not get a massage for my birthday I was going to scream! LOL. Especially since lately my back has really been bothering me, and we're not in a place financially for me to just run out and get a massage whenever I feel like it.

honeymoon in costa rica

{Us on our honeymoon in Costa Rica!}

Anyway, so E and I are in the car on Saturday, heading to our friends' house for dinner, and he mentions that he ordered my present the day before and he hopes it makes it in time for my birthday, (which is THURSDAY, btw).

Sooooo, my brain jumps into pissy mode and I'm all like, “Well I GUESS you didn't get me what I ASKED you for if you had to order it online!” Because I mean, who could order a massage online?

So then E responds, “What did you ask for?” which causes my blood to boil because I realize that he doesn't listen to me, obviously, if he doesn't know what I asked for like a hundred times!!

So I was like, “UGH, I've only been dropping the hint that I need a massage for MONTHS because my back is killing me… not to mention I have told you explicitly, straight up, ‘I want a massage for my birthday, please get me a massage!!'

**silence from E, which leads me to believe he is feeling very guilty and knows he messed up**

I continue: “And you complain that it's hard to shop for me but when I tell you exactly what I want and you don't get it that makes me crazy!! So you know what, I don't care- I'm just going to get myself my own dang massage because I need it and it's my birthday!”

To which E blurts out “I got you a dang massage!!!”

And I'm like, Really? What kind of crazy place sells massages online?

So then he tells me that the Sports Talk Radio station he listens to runs deals for local businesses where you can buy gift cards for half price, and this week they were running a special for a local spa, so not only did he get me what I wanted, but he got it for half price! I'm a proud, and happy wifey.

And then I died of embarrassment after realizing that he was just playing dumb because he wanted to surprise me, because he loves me so very much! I turned to him and said, ‘I'm glad you love me just the way I am because I don't know if I'll ever change… “


Newlywed Life

{Me & E on my 22nd birthday.}

So goes the story of how I ruined my birthday present…haha

Just a little lesson in newlywed life… give your hubby a little credit.

I love you honey!!!

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  • Oh no!!!
    If it makes you feel better, things like this happen in our house a little too often. 🙂

  • This story made me smile because I’ve done things like that before, and not necessarily about birthdays!

  • Awww… beleated happy birthday!! This is too funny coz I’m the same way! I always ruin my fiance’s surprise plans. He gives in too easily tho, so I usually say if he didn’t give in too easily, I would still be surprised lol.

  • I’ve done things like that too – happy birthday week though! and enjoy that massage girl 🙂

  • Awww such cute pictures!!! haha Love that you fussed at him! I do that daily.

  • Aww E is too sweet and they do listen sometimes!

    I’m totally with you on the tell your husband exactly what you want. No weird surprises please!

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