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I want to share with you one of my favorite, non-newspaper-clipping-coupon ways to get freebies:

If you own a smartphone, check out downloading the Wrapp App.  Wrapp is a social gifting service that lets you give free (and paid) digital gifts to your Facebook friends (So, in addition to having a smartphone, you also have to have a Facebook account).  Sounds too good to be true, right? Nope! I use it all the time!

get freebies


OfficeDepot regularly offers $5 gift cards though Wrapp. Just have a friend or your sweetie sign up as well, and you can send gift cards back and forth to each other!  From my experience, you can receive a $5 OfficeDepot card about once a month. If you and your fiancé were to both take advantage of this, that’s $10/month X 12 months/year = $120 in freebies/savings overall!

What if you can’t find anything at OfficeDepot for your wedding? Well, grab a case of water, or some cleaning products you’d normally buy anyways and just stash what you’ve just saved from your grocery budget into the wedding fund.

Think outside the box a little in using the $5 promo towards your wedding. I’ve snagged gel pens (for addressing envelopes), but they also have crayons (maybe coloring books for keeping kiddos entertained?) and if your wedding is close enough they even sell candy! Are you planning a candy bar for your big day? Then stock up on a few sweets! (It might be a good idea to keep expiration dates in mind, no one likes biting into stale candy!)

Wrapp also regularly offers $5 off a $25 gift card purchase to Check and see if your salon participates in gift certificates. Luckily the place I go to for regular color treatments and haircuts does. Before I have an appointment I send a $5 promo to my fiancé, and he sends one to me. Then, I just go online and purchase two $25 gift cards which are then emailed to me (separate transactions). I then print them out and use them at the salon. That’s then $10 saved off a service for less than 10 minutes of my time! Might not seem like much all at once, but after about 5 visits a year, I’ve save about $50 which can be applied towards funding the wedding! Now that’s beginning to add up!


get freebies
Some of the Free Wrapp Gift Cards I've received.


In the past, Wrapp has also offered $6 gift cards to H&M (Maybe grab a pair of earrings for a bridesmaid?), $5 gift cards to Sephora (Nail polish?), and $5 gift cards to Godiva (More candy bar goodies?). I’ve even gotten $10 before to & (With free shipping though – google promo codes for free memberships)! I’m hoping these are offered again sometime so I can snag a few groomsmen goodies, too!

Check out what I’ve snagged with Wrapp this week:


get freebies
Two Godiva candy bars, regularly priced at $2.95 each. After using a $5 Wrapp, I only paid .90! That’s less than the price candy bars at the grocery store! (One bar didn’t survive my shopping trip and was a willing sacrifice to fuel more finds!)
get freebies
At H&M I found a set of black floral hair clips. I may or may not use these for the wedding, but they were half price. Then, I found a clearance section for an extra 50% already discounted items. In all, snagged (3) sets of hair clips, a set of pony tail holders, and the floral clips all for…get ready… .18 cents! That’s a savings of $16.75 off of the regular full prices!


Have you tried Wrapp yet? Share what deals you’ve snagged in the comments below!


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