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North Carolina Wedding by Jen Yuson: Forrest + Matthew

It's Wednesday– so time for the Budget Savvy Wedding of the Week! This week's budget wedding comes from North Carolina and was beautifully photographed by Jen Yuson . I love the laid back feel of this day- they look like they had a great time! I know not all bride's are lucky enough to have a family member with such a beautiful home to use as a wedding venue, but that really saved this couple alot of money! Forrest also did alot of DIY and thrifting to make each detail cost effective and personal. Of course I love that the couple's dog is pictured in the photos, and I'm still loving the cowboy boots on bridesmaids trend. Hope you enjoy this edition of the BSWOW! xoxo-Jessica



Forrest + Matthew

Married 22 July 2012
Lake Lure, NC
at a family home
What was your budget? If you are able, give us a rough breakdown of how you spent your budget.
My parents who live in Florida spent a month at the house preparing the house for the wedding, and over a week cooking and smoking 20lbs of homemade BBQ. They also purchased my dress as well as the awesome backyard BBQ supper & fixing's. Matthews family supplied all the adult beverages for the entire wedding weekend. That helped our budget tremendously!  All sentimental and crafts included we spent less than $4000 personally for the wedding.
Photography was $1900.00
Accommodations for Grooms family: $950.00
Invitations: $350.00 .
Creating and Crafting supplies: $300.00
Thrift store finds and vintage additions: $200.00
Equipment/ Hosting supplies: $100.00
Bride's gown: about $1500
Food and beverages: maybe around $1000- not entirely sure.
How many guests did you have?
We had 40 guests attend, mostly from out of state.
What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?
Everything from Matthew's uniform to my boots and grandmothers charm bracelet made our day so personal. Like I had mentioned , my dad made the BBQ..and boy was it epic! My bridesmaids and I spent the first part of the morning of the wedding doing finishing touches with decor and making sun tea and sangria. Our wedding wasn't just those few hours, we had hopes of making it a wedding weekend. Enjoying all of our out of town guests and soaking up our family and loved ones as much as possible, and making our wedding the grand finale of a beautiful weekend with food, drinks, and family. The key to keeping our wedding rationale on costs was inspired by our love for functionality and nostalgia. Years of inspiration from my grandma, my momma, and my quasi gypsy life guided me to creating a crafts to-do list, and as the wedding date approached any place my craft supplies sat became a virtual bridal craft market. There were late night crafts and lots of help from the bridesmaids on just about everything starting with sewing the wedding favors, putting together programs and my veil to name a few. There were rummage sales and thrift stores for tablecloths, napkins, mason jars, photo frames and a prized vintage luggage hat box I found while in Miami one weekend. I didn't buy many items that we couldn't reuse, hand down or re-purpose at home.
What was the biggest thing you did to save money?
Matthew and I wanted to stay focused while planning, so we started our wedding planning from scratch. We allowed ourselves to be free to exclude, include, and add to our wedding day itinerary. We were not set on a big venue, or live music for example.
What was your biggest splurge?
Our only true splurge was on photography, and man did we hit the jackpot! Jen Yuson was fabulous; she's intuitive, and captured images that we could have only dreamed of.
What is the most memorable moment of your day?
Of the plethora of wedding day memories I'd say a few stick out: The first being the groom and groomsmen arriving via pontoon…they looked like something off of a mafia movie; so majestic¬†and debonair, the second would be those brief minutes that I was walking down the aisle and all I saw was¬†Matthew, at that moment everything made perfect sense and our day was here! There are also a¬† few moments captured during sunset that take our breathe away.
What was your favorite detail?
To narrow down a favorite detail is beyond impossible, everything from Matthews hard earned Army dress uniform, our homemade wedding arch, the beautiful dessert table, or even all the simple vintage napkins. Lots of these details that came together for our wedding were modest, pretty,and felt like home. Our vision of a southern nostalgic wedding was complete. Looking back we naturally adore our wedding, it stayed sweet, and intimate, enjoyable and last but not least genuine to the core.
More from their photographer, Jen Yuson: Forrest and Matthew had lots of sentimental details that made the day so special: a brooch bouquet contains heirloom brooches and brooches bought by attendees at the wedding. Matthew has two children, they drew the drawing of the couple that was included in the programs. They had photos of their parents and grandparents as decoration. They had a giant Lake Lure guest board for people to sign in lieu of a traditional guest book. They opted for non-matching vintage cake plates. Their dog, Samson, was happy to be chillin’ on her wedding dress while Forrest was getting ready. Forrest was a good sport about it and laughed it off. Her charm bracelet had some charms that were her grandmother’s. All the bridesmaids wore cowboy boots. The groom and groomsmen arrived via pontoon boat from Chimney Rock where they were getting ready.
Cake: Ingles  | Hair:  Joanna; bridesmaid, I did my makeup  |  Bridesmaid dresses: Modcloth  | Photographer: Jen Yuson | Wedding dress:  Maggie Sottero -Victoriana  |  Invitations: Shutterfly  |  Flowers : mostly picked from the roadside the day before the wedding.I made the boutonnieres. My aunts neighbor picked two buckets of blue hydrangea's from her garden. I purchased two long stem summer bouquets from Ingles and Michela one of the bridesmaids bought in a dozen stems of globe thistle.


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