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So I've mentioned before that the BMs are not going to be wearing matching dresses. Most likely not matching styles or colors! I've not gotten a whole lot of time to go looking for dresses for my maids but I have done some internet-searching. Each of these were pretty reasonable in the $$$ department- which, as you know, is important! And, I think they could wear any of these styles again. I know these are all made by pretty common Bridal names, but being the scatterbrain that I am I did not make note of the designers. If you know, leave me a note…

not matching styles or colors

I'm really all for the girls picking what looks best on them and feeling comfortable in what they wear. I was thinking of sending each of the girls a swatch and just telling them to find a dress that matches their swatch-whatever style (as long as it's tea length). Do you think this is a good idea, or a recipe for disaster? I think it could be pretty fool proof as long as they find a dress to match their swatch…

Now on to the men- they will most likely be non-matchy as well. I've been looking for ties in teal/turquoise but not having the greatest luck so far. But that's just in my online searching. I haven't really gone to look at any dept stores or anything yet- I have a feeling the collections will be much larger in the actual stores. Anyway, here's some options I did find online… I like the idea of some of the boys wearing yellow shirts- it adds to the fun, non-matchiness.

not matching styles or colors

I'm kind of worried about taking the differences too far and having my bridal party look like a big, hot mess. I think it will turn out alright in the end though…

PS- I got my wedding shoes in the mail yesterday and I am SO in love!! 🙂

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  • brittany

    I think this is a fantastic idea! I love the idea of non-matching, and I think you have a great idea about sending the BM’s a swatch. sounds pretty painless to me!

  • A-men! I’m not having “colours” at all, let alone not matching! I’m making my two bridesmaids dresses so they have to agree on a pattern (I get veto rights for construction time restraints, and thankfully they’re the same body type) so they’ll be wearing the same style, but they get to pick what colour they want from the available fabric. I really want them to love the dress and want to wear it well after the wedding, and I think this is definitely the best way to achieve that. And since I’m custom making the dresses, that’s their gift, also.

  • Meg

    The dress in the far right hand corner is my BM’s dress!! we ordered it off a discount site: in the expresso color. I think it saved about $50-100/dress…but they won’t arrive until December. I love the idea of the shades of color. I am also using an aqua color and I think that shades of this color would be great….if you can’t match 100% it is easier to just vary the shades. I also really like the first tie in the middle row…where did you find it?? I am searcing for a chocolate brown/aqua tie, but no luck yet!!

  • Yay for the shoes, and I wouldn’t worry about the difference “big mess”! You’re obviously really good at picking color palettes, and it will look gorgeous… None of this looks mismatched to me! And your bridesmaid will thank you for it, and feel totally comfortable and like themselves.

  • For ties in your color theme with great patterns you might want to consider the Tiebreaker store on Etsy ( I’m planning on getting the ties for the men in my wedding there. You can get them all in the same color or in a bunch of different colors, all with the same pattern. This might add some unity to the group will out being to matchy.

    BTW – I love your blog, you are wonderful!

  • Before I found out J. Crew was going to carry my colors, I had full on planned on going to Home Depot, picking up paint chips in a few shades of grey, and sending two or three to each girl and just say “Pick something out that matches one of the swatches, knee-length, nothing too low (catholic church 🙂 ) and nothing shiny”. As long as you trust your girls to follow the rules, you should be good to go!

  • ok first off, SHOW US THE SHOES!!!!

    and no I don’t think this is a recipe for disaster.
    this is what I’m doing.

    and almost all the girls have found a dress, and everyone is happy.

    I’ve avoided all the awkwardness of telling them what they will be wearing.

    and they all look great in what they have picked.

  • Not to be a nerd… but I did the same as you and stared at bridesmaids dresses forever, and so I recognize some of the designers. Again, I’m incredibly embarrassed about knowing these.

    Second Row: Alfred Angelo 6471
    Last Row: Looks like Dessy or Alfred Sung?

    And the others look like either Alfred Angelo or Mori Lee or something.

    Good Luck! I told my girls to just find a black chiffon dress that was knee length. I thought it was pretty awesome, myself.

  • Kellie

    Hello. I used to work for a bridal shop for over 8yrs, till about 4mths ago, so I recognized some of the bridesmaids dresses. Some of the bottom ones are After Six or Dessy dresses. After Six and Dessy are the same company. You can change the colors on the site to give you a better idea of what your dress will look like. If you have any questions, you can email me and Ill be glad to give you advice. Selling bridesmaids dresses was my favorite part of working in a bridal shop.

  • love the idea, love the colors. do it.

  • Love it! Every one of those dresses and colours are great, your bridesmaids are lucky!

  • I am soooo loving your colors. I’m also a fan of the non matching dresses. I especially like the last row of dresses from your photo.

  • Zed

    Hey! I was so happy to come across your blog…we have the same wedding day and I have just come up with my own solution (I hope)to coordinate non-matching bridesmaids dresses. I just sent my girls a paint chip from a hardware store of the different shades of blue that will match my dress…and also just talked about it in my own blog. Keep up the great work, I’ll be reading!

  • What website did you find these ties? I have been looking for aqua ties.

  • budgetsavvybride

    @melissa- I wish I could sew! As much of an undertaking that that probably is, i think it would be so cool to be able to make each girl’s dress exactly how they want it!

    @anat- thanks for the link!! I spent like an hour looking at all those ties- they are pretty fabulous!

    @Heather- that’s a great idea with the paint chips. I usually never step foot in hardware stores but Lowe’s here I come!

    @Kellie- thanks for letting me know!! That sounds familiar now.

    @Dana- is the site where I found the ties. Some of them are SUPER expensive ($90) so I’m going to have to keep searching I think! 🙂

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