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extra costs
I forgot to budget for a bunch of costs! Crap!
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As the last couple of months leading up to the wedding are passing quickly by, I have stumbled across a couple of items that aren’t usually listed on wedding budgets — but they should be. Here are some of the extra costs that have caught me off guard.

  • Postage: Holy cow, after shelling out $$$$$$$ for invitations and the supplies to personalize the envelopes, I was a bit shocked by how much postage costs. The more people you invite, the more money it will cost to send save the dates and invitations. Plus, don’t forget you’ll need extra stamps for reply cards inside the invitation. We saved costs by sending out smaller sized save the dates and postcards as our reply cards so we can use 35 cent stamps.
  • Alterations: I had set a budget for my wedding dress and my accessories and shoes all came in within that budget as well. But, I forgot to budget for alterations, which I will expect to cost anywhere from $100 to $400 depending on the work done and who does it.
  • Wedding bands: Wedding bands really range in price – especially for your groom. He can find one that’s simple for $40 to $4,000 if he wants diamonds or something fancy schmancy. Dear Fiance’s ring will be about $200. Mine will be about $700. Brides can forgo a wedding band if they want. That engagement ring is plenty gorgeous on its own!
  • Travel: One of my bridal showers is being held in the town I live in, but one bridal shower and my bachelorette party are on the opposite side of the state. This means a lot of time on the road when gas prices are high.  There’s no way I would miss these events, it’s not nice to not show up to parties hosted in your honor, but it’s one line item on the budget I now need to account for.
  • Thank you cards: I knew I would be giving out some thank you cards, but even for a small wedding I didn’t realize how many and I didn’t realize how much thank you cards cost. I’ve shopped for bargains online and considered making my own. I opted to purchase online because I will already be hand-writing many cards before and after the wedding. Also, don’t forget postage!
  • Gifts: I had remembered to budget for bridal party gifts for the maids and men, but I forgot about our flower girl, ring bearer and our parents. Sorry mom. You'll get something good though I promise!
  • Rentals: Our venue has a bunch of tables and chairs, but not enough for everyone to have a seat. We ended up renting about 60 chairs for the ceremony, cocktail tables and a buffet table for the food. All of this worked out to about $200.

What have you forgotten to add to your budget?


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Jillian, age 26, runs a weekly newspaper in a small town in Eastern Washington State. Her wedding date is set for Dec. 15, 2012 and loves the challenges and possible snow that comes with a winter wedding. While she's not running around reporting and hanging out with her family of newsies, she is reading, laughing, cuddling her kitty, dancing or sitting on her porch in the sunshine with her husband to be.

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  • Amy

    Tips! You’re supposed to tip certain vendors and I totally forgot about this until after we came up with our budget.

    Also, Rehearsal Dinner. Most of the wedding books say that “traditionally” the grooms family handles this, but neither of our families are contributing significantly, so that was an unexpected budget line-item. Still not sure what we’re going to do there.

  • Rachel

    WAIT! Who are you supposed to TIP??? why? aren’t they being paying them enough?

    • Amy

      Yeah – if there isn’t a gratuity factored in to your caterer, all of the service staff need tips. Valet (which is included in our package) requires tips. Coat check. That kind of thing. here’s a handy cheat sheet:

  • lealorali


  • Michelle

    Rentals were definitely something I forgot to budget for. It worked out in the end though.

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