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One Week till Wedding Day!

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One Week till Wedding Day

It feels so surreal to me that there is only ONE week until our wedding day! We leave in the wee hours of the morning to make the trip down to Mexico. Some of our family and friends have already landed in the sunshine, but most will be coming on Wednesday to kick off the celebrations.

I picked up my wedding dress!

Picked Up Wedding DressSorry this picture is horrible, it was about 3 degrees outside and I had just gotten out of work and the gym.

Planning this wedding has only been stressful because of my job and living situation, but to be honest, it really hasn’t been too overwhelming. The most stressful part has been worrying about how everyone will get to Cancun and then how they get down to Tulum. This stress has increased even more now that there is a giant snow storm blizzard blowing in right when a good portion of our guests and Adam and I are flying out…of DC…during a “potentially historic snowstorm.” Be nice Jonas! I have been constantly checking on the weather in DC, Newark, Rochester, and Tulum!

Blizzard Jonas

Even with this little blip of stress the entire planning process has been quite fun and enjoyable- of course Adam and I have had a few very minor disagreements, nothing bridezilla worthy.

Adam and I are incredibly excited and incredibly grateful for everyone that has helped out so much already, those taking this journey and joining us as we begin this grand adventure. I have been trying to soak it all in and really enjoy the entire process, from trying on dresses, to making wedding decorations, invitations, and even packing for this grand trip. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have my closest family and friends traveling thousands of miles to Mexico to be a part of our wedding.

I would love to be able to look back on this entire planning process and remember what it was like, as well as the days leading up to our wedding, and the four days spent celebrating in Tulum and remember what I was feeling- the joy, excitement, anticipation, and pure happiness. This post is not only a note to myself to remember each and every one of these moments and moments to come, but also a note to brides and grooms that are just starting the wedding planning process, nearing the big day, or even couples just recently engaged- cherish these moments. Even if things get a bit stressful or overwhelming, remember to take a deep breath and remember the things that matter.

My best friend wrote me a note that really put things in perspective. She made me promise “to try my darndest to remember what’s important during this very special time in my life…to be grateful for all that I have, and most importantly who I have in my life.” Weddings are expensive, money matters are stressful, but experiences, adventures, and memories with loved ones are so much more valuable than money and any amount of stress.

On that note, in one week the love of my life and I will exchange vows on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in front of many of our most favorite people in this entire world. It still all feels so surreal, but we are so incredibly excited. I’m going to soak up every second! I could not be more excited and more thankful! Let’s get this party started!

One Week Wedding Day…All because two souls fell in love.


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